Monday, January 9, 2012

MTC Week 8

Hola que pasa calibasas?  A fun little Spanish saying this week it technically translates to hey what's up pumpkin but in Spanish apparently it's pretty normal.  So a new year is here kind of weird huh?  One question I've gotten a lot is what kinds of cool fun things are done here for New Year's Eve the answer is...NOTHING!  But even though we didn't have anything special planned for us we made it fun and yes I stayed up until 12!  It was fun a bunch of the Elders in our Zone just got together in one of our rooms and we had like these party popper things, and TONS of treats and candy and then one of the Elders mom sent him some sparkling grape juice with some fake fancy cups so when the clock struck 12 we popped that bottle open and we toasted to a new year;) 
So this week was a good week we finished all of the grammar concepts in our books and now we are going to be doing a lot of reviews for the next two and a half weeks or so.  It will be good because I need all the help and practice I can get.  I'm sorry to hear about all the sickness at the Hawks house and I'll definitely be praying for you all.  I really have been so lucky not to get sick at all and our zone in general has been very healthy which is awesome. 
Mom for your questions.  I see Tally pretty often and he's doing well but his knee is causing him issues so there's a chance that he will be staying here for a week or so extra which is too bad but he's doing good.  Yes I see Elder Young every once in a while too he's doing ok it's just a tough adjustment and there's really no way to prepare for it but if I had any advice for my buddies who are coming in in the next few weeks it would be to pray pray pray and just know that it gets better as you get into it.  January 23rd is my departure date.  And in terms of my warm stuff I saw Callie Clark yesterday for the first time and I'm sure I could give her a box or I can mail it home or I could leave it at the front desk and you can come down one day and pick it up for me so whatever will work best for you I'm willing to do!  To call you at the airport I think that a calling card would be the best option.  They don't sell them here but I know that I could buy one in the airport.  But if you want to send me one that would work well too just let me know what works best for all of you.
So a fun story from yesterday Elder Petersen hates, and I mean HATES sweaters and in our little white handbook we are told to match with our companions so I have been a compromiser and just haven't been wearing my sweaters but yesterday I said hey man come on let's wear them let's do it.  Reluctantly and after a small struggle he decided he could wear it.  He complained the whole day it was really funny but he was so nice to do it! 
Yesterday a new District came into our zone and it was crazy to look back after 7 weeks here and look at these brand new Elders with their eyes in the stars.  It was fun to go in and talk to all of them and be able to hopefully help them out a little bit.  It's just funny cause the ZL's when I came in were a little dorky and didn't talk all that much so the whole time I was just praying that they didn't think that same thing about me!! 
Sorry There's not a ton to say about this week it was pretty much the same as ever lots of class and lots of study.  I'm getting really excited to go down to Panama though and get to work with the people. 
Love you all so much!! Have a great week I love you all so much!
Elder Andrew Hawks

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