Monday, December 3, 2012

November 5, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow it´s real I´m no longer a teenager.  I broke the barrier yesterday and have made my way in to adulthood haha.  Honestly this birthday was kind of weird and made me feel a little bit older and different.  Thank you so much to everyone for the birthday wishes and for all the emails, pictures and even the little video from Jason, Courtney and Eloise.  Mom thank you SO much for the package it was so awesome and I loved everything!!  I must say the "Avengers" sheets are a huge hit and EVERYONE in the office is way jealous!  Ah you guys really spoiled me big time for my birthday thank you so so so much!  

Ok well you may not know but the 4th of November in Panamá is flag day and it´s a pretty big deal.  To celebrate this holiday all of the schools in the city prepare their students to march in parades beating drums, playing horns and doing all kinds of other things.  It´s really really cool.  Our mission office is really close to one of the main roads that goes through the city and so we got to see the parades from a birds eye view (the roof of the office).  It was a lot of fun and I kept telling everyone they were celebrating my birthday;)  Haha I know I´m way funny.  Some of the members in the ward here were awesome and brought me a cake here in the office.

Saturday was Independence day from Colombia with also meant another big parade of the same thing!  If you want to know more you can look it up on the internet I´m sure they would have more pictures and videos and stuff to give you a better idea.  Overall it was fun but the truth is that it was nothing like an american independence day.  It was fun though and seeing some of the Panamanian culture is really a good experience.  

Our investigators, or at least the two most positive bailed on us with church yesterday and so now we´re going to have to change their fecha for baptism.  I don´t know it´s tough but we´ve done everything we just need them to feel the importance of it and to come.  

Sorry this email is short President Ward just came in and is giving us news about a bus that crashed here with a bunch of missionaries in it so it´s hard to focus but here are a bunch of pictures from the last few days and from my birthday!

Thank you again for everything I love you all so much

Elder Hawks

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