Friday, December 9, 2011

MTC Week 4

Hello everyone and thank you this week for the letters and packages. Life here in the MTC is an interesting time. It's almost hard to know what to write because literally we spend 6-8 hours in the same classroom every day. First off to answer moms questions. My teachers, Hermano Wharburton and Hermano Wiest are freaking awesome. Hermano Wharburton served his mission in the Aneheim California Mission and Hermano Wiest was somewhere in Argentina. It's classic because we as missionaries have no life outside of our small bubble so when we found out Hermano Wharburton has a girlfriend we jumped on the opportunity to have some fun with him;) Hermano Wiest esta poco loco. So in other words he's a tiny bit insane. When he teaches us he literally is yelling Spanish at us for half of the lesson! At least it never gives me a chance to fall asleep in class. Next, I still have not seen Callie Clark but I ran into Will West the other day for a few minutes and it was fun to talk to him. He's so excited to be working here and he couldn't stop saying how excited he was for me! Well a fun Spanish story for this week. Sunday was fast sunday which was good and having a true purpose to fast for made it pretty awesome and helped me to feel the Spirit even stronger. But in our Sacrament meeting we had testimony meeting and we did it in all Spanish. I was able to get up and bear my testimony in complete Spanish and it even made pretty good sense. The Spirit really can and does transcend languages...thankfully:)
It's fun to hear how everyone's doing and I especially loved getting a letter from Julianne this week. I miss my little nieces like crazy every day!
On Sunday we did get to watch the Christmas devotional from the first presidency and it was truly pretty amazing wasn't it? Those movies that they're coming out with on the life of Christ are going to be so sweet and we're even going to be allowed to use them when we teach investigators. What a way to help them understand the life of Christ without even hardly having speak any Spanish:) But as I think about Christmas coming up it makes me a little bit sad to think about being away from home but the more I think about it it will be fun to maybe get to hear from an apostle and focus on celebrating the birth and live of Christ rather than the commercial and "stuff" part of Christmas. Although, packages with some fun toys and what not will be fun and may help keep me sane:)
A new batch of missionaries came in yesterday and I ran into Clint Hubbard, Jake Petersen and another of my friends whose name I can't really remember. It's weird though because they will be in and out before me due to my very long time in this place.
I'm very thankful for a good district because even though Elder Petersen and I get along very well there really is nothing we have in common. I mean the kid doesn't even know who the Jazz are...for heavens sake he hardly knew who Kobe Bryant was...Judast!! But it's fun because we really have the spirit with us and we teach very well together. For example in our last lesson we were talking to our investigator "Facundo" and he talked about how much he felt the spirit when we were there and how he wanted to have it with him always. (Facundo is Hermano Wiest but still it felt good)
I am glad to hear about how everyone's doing and wow Stephen's sent me a couple letters and I love it! I would love to hear from my brother in laws and brothers with any good ideas on how to prank people here or anything that helped them make it fun because we need to stay goofy and laugh or else I'm gonna start going a little crazy.
Another part of this place that is fun is that we get to meet so many new people. I've talked to missionaries fromIceland (he played professional soccer there before he came), a missionary from GermanyEngland (his name was Elder Potter! I know funny huh?) and it's pretty amazing what some of them sacrifice to be here. It keeps it in perspective how true and right our decision to be here is.
So not to be preachy but it has been slammed down our throats how important the Book of Mormon is and the more I read it the more I come to realize how true it is. I think it would be an awesome goal, maybe a new years resolution to read the book of mormon every day cause it will really bless our lives and can help us find the answers to any of lifes problems. I've found how true this is as I've been reading every day.
Well I love you all and truly am praying for you all daily. Everyone have a happy wonderful week!!
Elder Andrew Hawks

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