Thursday, December 22, 2011

MTC Week 6

Well apparently I was a poor District Leader because I was released this Sunday from that calling...but it's because I am now going to be to a new Zone leader!!  I'm excited and I think that Elder Petersen and I will be able to do a nice job.  Thank you so much for the package Jen, Mom, the Mattingly's and Kenzie.  I'm getting so spoiled this Christmas season!! 
So this week in the life of Andrew, I mean Elder Hawks.  This week was the same as ever besides the fact that we received a new assignment.  The Spanish is so weird because there are days when I really can understand and feel like I can say most of what I'm thinking and then have other days where I really just struggle.  Yesterday was one of those days and it can be tough, but I realized pretty quick to not get down and to just get to work. 
So as a new Zone Leader one of our jobs is to go around and talk to all of the missionaries in our zone before we go to bed.  It's been a good time to get to know about all of them and considering this cold yucky time of year there has been a lot of sickness in our zone.  Elder Clarke in my room has a horrible ear infection that he may have to have surgery to have it cleaned out.  We had the opportunity to give him a blessing and it was really neat.  Another Elder in our zone has a very bad cold that is border line pnuemonia, something close to my heart with Lili, and we gave him a blessing as well.  It's been neat to be able to be involved in excersing my priesthood and it's good to always be worthy to be ready to use it at any time. 
Thanks for the updates with the Cougars and Jazz it's fun to hear and even though we're on the service of the Lord we love to hear about the "real world". 
So funny story this week with investigators we've been teaching.  Our first investigator was named Lucas which translates to Luke.  We taught him a lot and worked with him through our poor poor Spanish.  "lucas" was out of town one week and so we had the opportunity to teach his "father" (another teacher) and we went and knocked and asked him his name but for the life of us could not understand what he was saying so of course we asked him again and again we had no idea what he was saying.  So we went through the lesson, mind you this is a young RM who's jacked, acting as a devout Catholic, and being so cold and just flexing his huge muscles at us while we teach this lesson.  Needless to say we were a little intimidated. At the end we're supposed to pray for them and use their name but since we couldn't remember we said "por favor bendice la Padre de Lucas."  It was weird and nobody in our district said they recognized his name.  We all talked about it but NOBODY could understand his name.  The teacher that played the role of our "Padre de Lucas" has been helping us for the last couple of weeks and last night he asked what was the name of Lucas' father and we all started laughing and saying oh who knows he just mumbled none of us could understand him.  So he wrote on the board that the name he had used was "Vader"  haha it was classic El Padre De Lucas (luke) was Vader (Darth Vader)  he and our teacher Hermano Wiest, who are also roommates just busted up laughing and so did all of us it was classic. 
He was nice and gave me a great compliment though and said that during that lesson my Spanish had been awful but that I had improved a lot since then.  I know I still am not very good at Spanish but it was nice to hear someone tell me I was improving. 
Mom most everyone here is doing well and hearing from their families but thank you for sending all of those treats to share it's always nice to have things to share to help everyone feel better if their having a bad day.  So I'm good with everything and don't necessarily need anything but if you would send the rest of my ties I would love that a lot.  I'll send the nice ones home before I leave.  It's just the only thing i can change about my appearance so that would be nice.  But other than that thank you so much for everything you've done you are helping to make this a great Christmas. 
So I don't get to call you on Sunday but one of the counselors in our Branch presidency, Hermano Monson (President Monson's nephew) will be calling you to talk to you for a few minutes.  Also, I hear that I will have a chance to email you a quick email on Christmas day so look forward to that:) 
I love you all and hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!!!
Much Love,
Elder Andrew Hawks

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