Thursday, February 23, 2012

Panama Week 4


Oh man thank you everyone for the love and support!!  I opened up my email and had 15 emails!!  Wow I felt special and the Elder next to me looked and said  WOW good luck writing everyone back!! haha well sorry I don´t have a ton of time for writing on the email but I´m printing all of them off and everyone will get some hand written letters in the next few weeks!  Honestly thank you everyone for the love it is so awesome to hear from all of you.  Sounds like things in Utah are the usual in February.  

So we went to the temple this morning and it was my first session in Spanish...I suprisingly understood almost everything!

Ok so this week in the land of sun, sun and more sun.  So people have asked questions about this and the answers are that my comp and I live in the house just us two, the only meal that we have to do ourselves is breakfast and then all of  our  lunches and dinners are provided by the members in the ward.  Yes I know I´m very spoiled.  We are actually in the process of painting the house where we live for the land lord which has been pretty fun.  

Ok so we had a very neat experience with the family Martinez.  This week we taught them the Gospel of Christ.  The Spirit was so strong and even though I stumbled over my words the message got across.  At the end we invited them to prepare to be baptized and they accepted.  Every single one all 9!!  They only need to come to church now and then hopefully we will be able to bring them to be baptized.  Wow it was amazing I could hardly believe it. 

Speaking of church.  This week has been the carnivals and the whole world is partying and drinking here and everyone that isn´t is in the interior with family because they all have the next five days off from work.  All of our investigators were out of town and so none of them came to church...It´s tough because not many of the members have cars so they all get there by bus or taxi and we are unable to pay for them or use the help of the members.  

Yesterday we had a neat experience.  We went to the Hospital in the city to give a blessing to one of the brothers of a member in the ward.  He was in a horrible crash and so we gave him a blessing of healing.  He felt so much better and could hardly thank us enough.  Afterwards we took all of our pamphlets and went into one of the waiting rooms where people were waiting to go and see their sick family members or friends.  We stood in front of all 100 people and talked about the gospel and bore our testimonies of the love that God and Jesus have for us and that in these hard times they can seek the support of their Heavanly Father.  We then gave the pamphlets to as many people as we could.  It was something I will never forget because all of the people listened so closely and all thanked us after we finished. 

Sorry there´s not a ton to report this week but as the week goes on I´ll writed letters to Jen, Kylan, Julianne, Jayson, Courtney, Jason, Stephen, and Michael.

I love you all so much and am always praying for and thinking about you!!

Elder Hawks

Ps the picture of me and Brigham he´s the cutest.  The son of Hermano and Hermana Iglesias they feed us all the time.

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