Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brother Hugo Lopez (Murray) Letter

Duffins are the top left couple


We received this email today from our friends the Duffins who served as 
Mission President in Panama about 4 years ago.
Awesome to have some connections to Andrew in Panama.


Dear Hawks Family,

Here is an email I just received from Brother Hugo Lopez (Murray).  
He is the former stake president of the San Miguelito Stake in 
Panama an served as my counselor for two years in 
the mission presidency.  So he is a dear friend.
I won't translate it, because Rob can read it just fine.  
As you can see, he met Andrew and is VERY impressed 
with him and the quality of his Spanish.  
Just thought you would like to see this.
We are excited to receive Andrew's emails.  
Thanks for sending them.

Best wishes,

Mi estimado amigo,primero que nada espero que el señor le este 
bendiciendo a usted y la familia, que bueno es saber que tenemos 
unos grandes amigos que aunque lejos sabemos que allí están, 
gracias por su amor y amistad.

Ahora el señor nos los trae al recuerdo, sabe en nuestro barrio 
hay un misionero que pertenece a su unidad es el Elder Hawks 
el cual es muy especial y es un caso fuera de serie con 3 días de
llegar a Panamá, se le asigno servir en nuestro Barrio pero lo 
raro es que domina el español como si estuviera al final de su misión.

Los días miércoles comen en mi casa y fue un verdadero placer 
escuchar su deseo de trabajar junto 
a su compañero el Elder Barrera de México.

Bueno cuidense mucho,

Hugo A López Murray

Hi Brother Duffin,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  How thoughtful of Br. Lopez to take the time to write to you about Andrew.  Thank you for forwarding his email to us.  Rob had fun translating it for me.  We actually had the sister missionaries over for dinner tonight at our house and it was wonderful to feel of their sweet spirits and hear their testimonies.  It is comforting to know that others are doing the same for Andrew.

Do you know the Iglesias family that is feeding Andrew?  I assume they are members, but I am not sure.
Hope your trip was fabulous!


I do not recall the Iglesias family.  But I may have met them before 
at a stake conference, if they were members when we were there.  We got to know the members a lot better in the mission districts than we did in the stakes.

I'm glad that Andrew is doing so well.  It sounds like his Spanish is coming 
along very well.   Bro. Lopez and his wife, Ilca, are excellent people!  
Cream of the crop!  You can see them in the attached photo taken 
in the fall of 2006 at a missionary couple retreat that we had 
in the mission.  Hugo and Ilca are the couple right in the middle in the front row.  
She has a blue sweater draped over her left arm and he is standing to her right.

Best wishes,
Mike Duffin

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