Saturday, March 3, 2012

Panama Week 5

Hola familia!

Ok so sounds like things are going really well in the USA and everyone is safe and well.  Thanks for sending me korbans email and when you get his address please send it to me i would love to write him some letters from good ol panama.

Wow this week was super weird...Everybody and their dog were out of town.  The Carnavals concluded on Tuesday but most everyone in the world takes wednesday to recover from their 5 day hangover.  The carnavals are more wild here then i knew.  I saw a few pictures and needless to say it is the epitomy of what Jacob talks about in Chapter 2 of Jacob.  Haha Im such a nerd quoting scriptures.  

Well Im glad to hear that people are impressed with my Spanish i guess that means that my hard work is paying off.  I have made goals to study each day something new and i have found that it´s a way that we can keep our days from melting all together dad.  To set small goals every single day and to reach them will help us gain our maximum potential.  

So this week we had a grand total of 60 contacts and like 16 lessons.  Not to good but we worked and honestly it´s because nobody was here.  But La familia Martinez.  There are 12 of them they all work in construction and there are like 7 boys and 5 girls.  It´s actually two families that are living together right now and sharing the house.  They continue to progress and we are going to try and give them a specific date for baptism this week.  They still didn´t come to church and we feel like they´re afraid or something so we´re trying to figure that out for them.  We taught them more from the Book of Mormon and then showed them a film Together Forever.  It talks about how the family can be together forever and they loved it so much.  Afterwards all we had to do was stand up and testify and then leave while the spirit was most strong.  Pray for them please to have the desires to attend church because it´s the only thing that they lack.  

Something crazy happened this week and we received a referal from utah.  The bishop received the referal, contacted the family, and then had them over for a family night lesson on Friday.  We couldn´t go because we had an appointment with the family martinez but they had an rm go over and teach them.  Eveything went well and they came to church yesterday which in this area is a miracle.  So we taught them more and they are very positive as well.  We get to go teach them this week and I will certainly be sure to let you know what happens with them.

If you could send me all of my married siblings address I would love that ever so much so that I can write them letters because i have time in the night to write them!

I love you all so much and miss you lots but it´s crazy to think that this is the last week of my first change!  Keep up the prayers and love and support for me it means so much.  I pray for you all every day!

Les amo,

Elder Jalcone haha that´s what the people have resorted to calling me!

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