Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Panama Week 7

Buenas Tardes familia y amigos!
Toda aqui in la tierra prometida de panama es bien bien chevere!
Ok so first of all wow what a week to get into the myldsmail and have 17 emails...I love life today!! 
Grandma Cline happy birthday I love you so much and pray for you all the time!!
Ok so transfers...here's the big news...whos ready?
I stayed and so did my companion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!
So now that we're off that subject to the week with the investigadors. This family from Colombia se llaman Sergio, Lucalena, Giovani, Sabella, and katalina, and Juan! So here's what happened with them this week. The mom, lucalena had read all kinds of anti mormon things on the internet and had a load of questions...But thank heavans here nephew who lives in Texas and gave us the reference called her and they talked until 2 in the morning this last monday and as a result he was able to help her resolve her doubts. The result was that now she believes everything and the family is going to be baptized this Saturday!!! It's so incredible I can hardly believe it. The first family that we taught all the way through and I'm going to be baptizing a few of them and will be sure to send pictures this next week! We finished teaching them all of the commandments and they had no problem with any of them so they are absolute ready to be baptized in this coming week I can't wait!
La familia Martinez...Wow this week was wild with them. We taught them on wednesday and decided to go for it and put a specific date for baptism. The second the invitation was out of my mouth the house caught fire...Wow they were not happy about that. They went to town telling us that we can't make them do anything and all this other stuff and then out of nowhere the wife speaks up and announces that they aren't married. So as a result i tried to think like Ammon when the men come to attack King Lamohni's sheep. I tried to look for the good out of this and now I'm thinking that if we can help to get married after 40 years of living together with many many kids in the church that it could hopefully open their hearts to be baptized. So pray for them that they will want to be married because otherwise baptism is not even an option for the parents!! Ahh it was super crazy I'm not going to lie to you all!!
So one more piece of gold that fell into our hands this week. Her name is Vannessa and she's 28 and truth be told she was ready to be baptized before she even met us. She has come to church two times and in fast and testimony meeting she bore her testimony to the whole congregation that she knows this church is true. WOW!!! Well long story short she told us she wants to get baptized, be a missionary, she's gonna pay to go to General Conference in October and oh yeah she won't let us get baptismal clothes for her because she wants to buy her own so she can show her kids!! Judas priest we are seeing miracles right now...
Moral of the week work hard no matter what and good things happen. Because guess what none of our investigators that we have contacted have come to church or are progressing but when we work in some way in his own time the Lord will bless us and we will see miracles and receive blessings from even the most unexpected of places!!
I love all of you and pray for you every night and day have a great weeek and Stephen buddy know that I love you. Keep your head up and look for all the good things that you possibly can cause I'm sure right now is not an easy time for you at all but know that i'm praying for you and thinking about you!!
Hasta esta proxima semana
Elder Andrew Hawks

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