Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Panama Week 9

Wow sounds like the weather is warming up finally and you are all marching into the spring season!   What news for alex!  The phillipines.  That´s super cool!!  And Kevin going to the same mission as Landon Lowry and Ryan Curletti. 
So another week down in the life of the Elder Andrew Hawks.  It´s funny how long, sweaty and hot the days can feel and then all of a sudden it´s sunday and the week is ending.  This week was a bit of a down week because we´re in the phase of finding new investigators and so obviously we have to do a lot of finding and contacting and unfortunately this week was not super productive.  We did however set a date for one of the girls that we´ve been teaching to be baptized on April 7th.  Unfortunately she failed to come to church yesterday so we´re going to have to push her date back at least a week.  But pray for her.  Her name is Elisabel and she is soooooo busy all the time.  She is at school, working full time, and taking care of an old man to make some more money on the side.  Her dedication is pretty impressive because she has a young son to provide for so on top of everything else that she does she has to take care of this little guy. 
Something that has been pretty common the past couple of weeks has been the reaction that people give us when we come to their doors. We get a lot of We already no the word of god go away, We´re 100percent Catholics in this house, or your church is the same as all the other churches in the world.  Man if only they realized how many blessings that they can have if they accept this message!!!  But patience is a virtue and i know that with faith and a lot of hard work the Lord will bless us in ways we can hardly even imagine. 
So mom I´m getting fat...I´ve officially gained 15 pounds and the members are starting to tell me my cheecks are getting a little pudgy...Yeah I know I walk and sweat all day and still gain weight?  Haha it´s definately because of all the stinking rice that we eat but it´s ok what can I do? haha  So mom if you would like to send a package I would love CD´s of some good church music, um books in English, maybe a joseph smith ring size 7 and a half, pictures of the fam especially my nieces, and whatever else.  To be honest none of our investigators need anything so I don´t know.  To be honest I really don´t need anything I´m doing well on everything. 
Hey well keep praying for us.  Especially that we can find the poeple who are ready for the Gospel.  I know that they are here in this area now it´s just up to us to keep looking and find them.  I know that this gospel is true and that every single aspect of the church is perfect.  Sometimes the members are imperfect and make mistakes but I tell you all that the church and it´s teachings are perfect in every way.  Keep up the good work with the fam Mom and Dad you two are so awesome,  Stephen keep killing it with the ladies and your SBO ambitions.  Mom make sure to give Courtney a huge hug for me because I know right now is really tough for her.  Well everyone have an excellent week and know that I´m always praying for you all!!
Elder Hawks

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