Friday, June 22, 2012

Jun 11, 2012

Hello to everyone in the land of Utah!!

Mom thanks for sending me the pictures of the wedding! It´s so fun to hear about all of that and I´m so happy for Macy!! I still honestly can´t believe that she is married! Haha so funny story on Friday night our ZL´s came over and dropped a bunch of stuff off at our house and included was the invitation to the wedding. I don´t think it´s any coincidence it came the day of the wedding! Crazy huh??

 Ok so thank you for the pictures I´m going to take them and print them off so that I have them for myself. 

I would like to make a quick request. Anytime that packages are sent could you send me pictures I love them so much!!! 

Ok so for the week here in Cabuya. Everything is going well and to be honest I´m already pretty comfortable here. My comp is from Guatemala and has 16 months in the mission. He is interesting and actually doesnt like to teach or contact or anything like that because it´s boring according to him. Needless to say in the past two weeks I have learned how to teach more effectively because I have to do everything myself!:) It´s ok though just weird to be honest and I literally ask him every single day what he´s doing here. haha it´s ok though don´t worry I love the kid and am trying to do anything that I can to help him out. Everyone tells me that he used to be a great missionary and that at some point he just lost the love for the work. I´m trying to be open and to be more creative in the way that we work so that we don´t fall into a "routine" of doing the same thing every day. Hopefully this will help him to get excited about it. The biggest trial is going to be just this because he wont be able to take away the excitement that I have for the work. 

I´m working with my Zone leaders who have been awesome and told me if I need anything to call them at any time. They are both two Gringos from Utah and are cool guys. It´s fun here and the members are really awesome. It´s been a change moving into the house where we are because I live with three other Latinos. The house is so dirty mom. ¨You would be sickened! Haha but it´s ok I´m doing some cleaning every day:) 

The work is chugging a long just a tich but unfortuantely I´m not able to report about many investigators. We have a few recent converts that we´re working with and it´s cool to see how their love for the gospel is so fresh and new and their desires to learn are endless. It always makes me think because at times I think I know a lot but really I´m the same as them and have some much to learn in the Gospel. 

Hmm it´s tough to know what more to tell you because the week was slow with my comp being "sick". I´m working though and happy and excited to be here in Tocumen! Ok so on Friday with the ZL´s felt like Christmas because I had like 8 letters and a package! Yeah I was pretty stoked about that! Sounds like everything is going well for all of you there in Utah. Know that I love you all so much and am always praying for you!

Have a great week!

Elder Andrew Hawks

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