Friday, June 22, 2012

June 18, 2012

Dear Family,
Ok well I´m writing a little bit later today because our pday went longer than we planned!  Ok so to answer the questions I´m living with Elder Martinez, Ortiz and my companion is named Elder Samayoa.  In order they are from El Salvador, Nicarauga, and Guatemala.  It´s honestly pretty fun living in the house with the four and I´m being forced to learn a whole lot of Spanish!  Haha but it´s sweet and luckily we all get a long.  It sounds like the family is doing really well and staying busy and putting my room to good use for the little girls;)  I sent Stephen a letter this week and hope he gets it.  Have him let me know when or if it comes! 
Ok so as for me here in the land of Panamá...This week was interesting because from tuesday to thursday we were at about 4 lessons and everything was just moving so slow.  Something that I´m learning is that we all have our agency and as hard as we try and push we can´t make people do things that they don´t want to do.  It´s been tough and I´m learning to be more and more patient and loving every day.  This is gonna be good for me when I´m married with a family right?:)  The honest truth is that as slow as the work is and the low number of lessons I´m still keeping a positive and looking for the positives in everything that we do and trying to learn whatever lesson the Lord has for me here with this companion at this time. 
Ok so on Friday I had my best day of the whole change!  I have been talking to my Zone Leaders a little bit about my situation and they were so awesome and came to do divisions with me this day.  I got to go with an Elder Beisenger from Riverton Utah who has about 20 months in the mission.  He taught so well and in one day I learned so much.  In that one day we pumped out 5 lessons and talked to everyone about baptism.  It was amazing to see the difference between a missionary who really is focused and who really wants to do the work as compared to someone who doesn´t.  It was a good lesson to learn and will be something that will help me down the road. 
As a companionship right now are working on marrying a few couples so that we can have them baptized.  I pray that we will be able to do it so that they can be baptized.  One of the couples consists of a 17 year old son of one of the members in the ward who got his girlfriend, of 19, pregnant.  He is honestly doing so well though and it´s been cool to see how he has matured and really stepped up to the plate to take responsibility for the action that he made.  He´s looking for work to provide for the family and they have been coming to church every single week because he always tells me he needs to get closer to God.  His name is Johnny so make sure to put him in your prayers that he will be able to continue with his desires to know the church and to eventually make the decision to get married so that he and his girlfriend can get married and she can be baptized (he was baptized when he was 8). 
To be honest I´m doing well and am healthy and smiling.  It´s good to be here in the mission and there are an infinite number of lessons for all of us to learn.  I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers and support.  Have a wonderful week and we´ll talk to you next monday:)
Elder Hawks

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