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July 9, 2012


Thanks so much for the emails and as always it makes me happy to be sitting here in my internet cafe knowing that everyone back home is doing well and is healthy.  Wow the picture of the fire was pretty crazy but what a relief that it didn't get too close to grandma and grandpa´s house.  I´m glad that you all had fun on the fourth of July and to be honest it was a longer day than normal for me!  Dad like you said I also appreciated a little bit more the neighborhood party that we have there in Pepperwood. We really are so lucky to live where we do and get to associate with the people that we do.  

Thank you also for the emails from the friends, it's always good to read them and see how my other buddies are doing in their missions.  I´m getting really excited for Spencer to get back out on the mission and am praying super hard for him.  Tell him to get his butt to work the minute he gets there and to laugh and have fun.  There are way too many missionaries in the field that don´t understand that they are allowed to laugh and have fun, of course we have to be smart in what we do and say but if you can´t find things to laugh about life becomes mundane and monotonous.  

Ok well for me here in the world of Panamá.  Things are going really well for me to be 100% honest.  Changes are on Wednesday of this week and it sounds like I will have a new companion and since he has more time in the area than me i´m assuming that he´ll be leaving and I will stay and receive a new companion.  I´ll be sure to let you know how all of that goes in the email next week.  

This week was pretty normal if not a little bit slower because if you ask Michael many times the missionaries slow down in the end of the change because they don´t know if they´re going to stay or go and the same happened to my comp.  I was having to talk a little louder in the morning to help him get out of bed and get going;)  Haha but it was ok.  We had a few good lessons but nothing too amazing to announce.  The highlight of the week would have to be the noche de hogar that we had this week.  What we are doing is splitting the area up into 4 parts and doing one every week in one of the different areas each week.  This week we were in the area with the fewest number of members but still people came from super far away to participate and we ended up having about 20 people!  It seems like the members are enjoying them and hopefully it can be a way to help strengthen the ward.  We as the Elders have been in charge of the "dynamic" and so the last two times we have done games relating to the gospel like scripture jeopardy and pictionary.  This week we´ll see what we do because I want to do something where the members have to get to know each other better so I´ll be sure to fill you in on how that goes.  

Last Sunday we received a referral of two kids of a part member family that want to be baptized.  They are Josue and Hirum and have 12 and 9 years respectively.  It´s an interesting situation because the two kids and the mom want to do it but the father is inactive and the mom isn´t a member.  I want to be careful with this because if we baptize the kids it´s most likely that they go inactive without the support of their parents but in the same time denying them the opportunity to be baptized is also not quite the solution.  I don´t know what do you all think about this?  The goal of course is that we can marry the couple and baptize the mom, kids and then get them all sealed together but we´ll have to see what happens with all of this.  

So quick final funny story.  On the 4th of July I got homesick because I wanted to be with people in a place where they actually care about what´s going on in this day.  So in the night when I got home from walking around all day with my Latin comp I called the ZL´s and told them "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA" they both laughed and we talked for a sec and then were all off to bed like normal.  Haha it made me laugh.  

OK well that´s about all for this week.  Happy birthday to Michael in this week and tell him his relationship with Allie can be determined by the quality of the present she gives him;)  Haha I´m totally kidding I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will sign off and get back to you next week!


Elder Hawks 

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