Friday, February 1, 2013

January 7, 2013


Thank you for your emails this last week they were great and really helped me put my shoulder to the wheel. Thanks so much for your love and support and for always thinking of me here. Thank you mom for the money I will be sure to buy some pants and shoes in the next few days so that I’m not walking around like a street rat when Elder Christoffersen comes! I’m so happy you got my package and that everyone liked there late Christmas presents! Sorry it wasn’t much but life here requires a little bit of penny pinching just know that it comes from the heart.

Sounds like things are going well with the family but yes I was informed of the sad news about Jennifer Holmes. I am so sad to hear that but I know that she’s a strong lady and that with the medical help there is these days she’s going to be very well taken care of. Mom you asked if there’s anything Kenzie mentioned that they need and the truth is there’s always little things that you can do to help out. I think that the little things are what matter most like a visit, a phone call, a batch of cookies, a card, or inviting their kids to eat one day or any other kind of thing. If it’s at all possible I think going to see her is the best thing you could do! Thanks so much for worrying mom and for being so willing to help you’re the best.

Well that’s exciting news that Allie is going to go on a mission and Michael may just have to wait for her ;) I think that’s great of her to seize the opportunity and go, who knows maybe she’ll end up getting her call to Panama? Other than those little bits of news sounds like things are going well back on the mother land.

Things here in Panama are going well. Sorry about my email last week I was a little bit whiney and actually after I sent it I kind of felt bad. I thought a lot about the things that I had said and made a few decisions. I know that I have to be the one to put the pressure on to get us out of the office because otherwise it’s not going to happen. I just need to step up and be the leader so that we can go and be more effective in our area. Every single day this last week at 3 O’clock I stopped what I was doing packed up my things and sat down in the chair at the front of the office and told my comps that I was ready to go and if they needed help wrapping up to let me know. The effects were positive and actually surprised me. The both just needed the push and we were able to leave on time and go be pretty successful. The truth of the matter is I just had to take matters into my own hands. This week was good and I felt a lot better about the work that we did. It’s been tough though because our investigators are working so much that we can hardly ever find them in their houses...

Truth of the matter is that I’m happy and working...I love the mission and have grown and learned so much. I feel like I’m doing what the Lord wants and as a result he’s blessing me and helping me grow and become a better person. Thank you so much for all of your love and support I’m honestly so lucky to have come from such a wonderful family. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Andrew Hawks

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