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April 23, 2012


Hey thank you so much for the updates sounds like things in the Hawks nest are going well.  Hey so Michael and his new "friend" Alli?  whoa whoa where are the details on that one and if it gets going I will be expecting a picture or two.  It´s good to hear that Kenzie is staying in touch and that Spence always feels at home in our house.  I´ve thought a lot about him the past few weeks and would love if he could shoot me an email or write me a letter.   Haha mom I didn´t even realize mothers day was that close but wow it really is!!!  Um to be 100 percent honest I have no idea on how this whole thing works but what I do know is that I will probably be able to use skype.  As details come with this I will be sure to let you all know!!  Congratulations to Stephen on his SBO victory that is so awesome I couldn´t be prouder of my little brother he´s such a stud.  

Ok so changes this week...the reality is they affected me and i the same area! haha but I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Moreno and guess what...He´s from Mexico!!  I wonder if the Lord is trying to send me a message with all these mexican comps.  haha But he´s a super awesome kid and a great Elder.  He has about 8 months in the missison and is a stud.  He speaks English but only just a tiny tiny bit!  I´m stoked.  My spanish is gonna get really good in the next 6 weeks.  

With Spanish it´s like a switch lit up when Elder Barrera left.  I can understand almost everything that the people say to me and have been able to communicate a good 90 percent of what I want to say.  obviously I lack the vocabulary and the fluency but that will all come with time.  Dad to answer your question about the soccer seasons I don´t have the slightest clue the people here don´t follow their own leauge.  They are OBSESSED with the Spanish league and that is all they talk about.  Real Madrid and Barcelona are the only two teams that really honestly matter here to anyone haha.

Hermano Martinez is doing well and was at church yesterday so his baptism is set for next sunday at 1230 right after church!  He is so excited and so am I he is amazing and it will be such a blessing in his life to be baptized and become a member of this church.  He is so awesome and always tells us how excited he is and how he can´t wait for his family to take part "in this joy that i feel".  It´s amazing and it really is joy.  Sometimes it makes me think how "joyful" I was to go to church, or to go hometeaching, or to do fast offerings.  Something that I´ve realized as I´ve been gone is how at times I took the church for granted.  Not all of it but just the little things.  The little opportunities to serve and to help uplift others.  I love that the poeple here are always so excited to serve and to magnify their callings or to help uplift someone who is in need.  

This week was honestly a tich tough because I just feel tired.  It´s been weird because honestly I just have felt like i have hit a spiritual wall or something and that it´s time to stand back up and start running again.  The area is dead during the day and so sometimes I feel like we walk without purpose so I know that something that we are going to have to learn to do very well together is plan and find useful things to do during these day time hours.  All my missionary brothers if you have any ideas I would love to here them because a nice brainstrom session with a bunch of RM ideas could really help me out. 

I love you all so much and am so thankful for all that you do for me and all the blessings I receive from your prayers.  It´s amazing how at times we can feel so tired and then all of a sudden receive a little boost of energy.  I know that this is your prayers being answered for me and I´m so thankful for it every time it happens.  I love you all so much and will send home pictures of me, my comp and Hermano Martinez in his baptism next week!  

Elder Hawks

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