Monday, April 16, 2012

Panama Week 11

Elders Barrera, Me, Tucker, and Cerrato enjoying life at the trump ocean club on pday!! 

Buenas de Panamá
Wow sounds like not too much happened in the land of the free, but congratulations to Stephen on making it to the finals in the SBO skits and everything.  That is so awesome! PS Happy late birthday for Serelle and it was so much fun to get to see the pictures of that cute little three year old going to town on her piñata!! How fun about Rachel Ericson!  That will be so exciting if I see her. I will be SURE to tell her hi and give her a nice firm handshake! Haha, gotta love being a missionary. Tell her the only thing to get ready for is rain. The rainy season is going to start in the end of this month and everyone says that it´s pretty dang strong from May until November. It has already rained a time or two and let me tell you it is ridiculous...For real the streets if they have any incline at all turn into rivers.
So this week from me was pretty normal. We are still working hard to find new investigators but the success of finding really sharp, ready people has not quite come. However Hermano Martinez from my first few weeks is going to be baptized the 28th of April and came to church yesterday. He loved it so much and is getting really excited for his baptism. I know he´s going to be strong and nothing will stop him from making this step. Vanessa has pretty much fallen off the face of the planet, but one of the members that was close to her has told us that she´s getting better and has kept reading so the baptism now is just up to her on her time. It´s crazy how when something really good in our life is coming that satan really gets on his horse and attacks us like crazy. But it´s all about coming out on top no matter what and moving forward.
It´s hard to believe that I´ve already been here for two changes and almost 3 months...I think.  I´ll be honest, I don´t count haha. But it´s been such a blessing and I´ve learned so much about the world and how much of a bubble we really lived in in Utah. It´s been a neat experience so far and I´m excited to see whether or not the changes affect me at all this week. Sorry for being pretty short this week but there´s honestly not a ton to report! I love you all and am praying for you all like crazy. Happy Birthday to Stephen and Macy this week! Make sure Macy sends me a wedding invitation cause I don´t care if I´m 1000 miles away I still want one!
Have a great week and thank you for all of the love support and prayers. Hasta la proxima semana!
Elder Hawks

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