Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Dear Family,

Wow thank you Kylan for taking the time to respond to my little question and I will definately be looking to put all of those ideas into practice.  I´m working on a letter to send to you but sorry in advance it will take forever to get to you! haha  Thank you family for the updates and especially the letter from sister Clayton! it´s always very nice on Monday to get to the computer and find that everything is going well.  So this week in the life of Elder Hawks....

My new comp Elder Moreno is from Mexico and an excellent teacher.  The kid can teach the Restoration without skipping a beat (something I need to work on) but the same issue as always is that there are no people in there houses during the day.  We have started to do a little bit of planning with ourselves and with the ward and it looks like we have a few good things to do.  The ward is planning a huge activity for the 2nd of June that should be a fabulous opportunity for us.  They are going to do the huge airplane thing where the plane gets in a crash, everyone dies and then a guide takes them through all 3 levels of glory for after this life.  As missionaries we are going to be in charge of getting the invitations out to the people and all the people in the ward elected me to be the  captain of the airplane. haha I know awesome.  They love me.  Haha just kidding but seriously.  It´s exciting and should hopefully generate a nice income of references but as always with these activities we never know until they happen how successfull they are.  (Sorry if my spelling is bad, I´m forgetting English.)

So Herman Martinez.  He did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was baptized and everything was so perfect.  The meeting was fabulous and he is so stoked to be a member of the church here.  It´s amazing the strength and committment this man has.  He is now the only member in his family and to be generous about his wife she wants nothing to do with us.  It´s interesting because he really has received a testimony and the light that he shines now is impressive but it doesn´t matter his wife is so dang closed to everything she can´t even see it.  Pray for her that she will be able to soften her heart and listen to us so that they can be an eternal family.  

 A funny story this week is that we were at the interview with hermano Martinez and I was talking with his wife for a second (about non spiritual stuff) and she says "mire a la chichi"  as she pointed at her young daughter of 16 years.  I was a 100 percent confused and shook her hand with this weird look on my face and then the mom got up and pointed to her daughters stomach and showed me that she´s pregnant!!!  Haha what the heck it was so weird.  She is like 16 maybe and is sporting the belly of a 5 month along woman and the family is so proud.  It´s interesting and always an eye opener to the reality of the world outside of our cute little bubble in Utah.  Haha

Well that´s about all to tell you this week.  Know that I love you so much and am so excited to talk to you in mother´s day.  I still know absolutely nothing about what´s going to happen but i´ll be sure to fill you in as soon as I do.  I love you all an am so thankful for your love and support of me!

Elder Hawks

PS  I got the ward´s valentines card this week...haha love Panama mail but thank you:)

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