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May 21, 2012

Ok well today is monday and technically it´s not my pday but nonetheless I´m here doing the weekly emailing. The reason that we don´t have pday today is because we planned a big nice fun pday and next week we´re going paintballing in the jungles of panama. I know super cool. And don´t worry we have permission from the president:)

Wow thank you everyone for your emails. Michael it´s good to finally hear from you and best of luck to you with your tryouts that would be such a cool thing if you were able to make it. Don´t you worry I have been blessed to have two obedient companions and to be honest it´s super easy to see the difference in the happiness, success, and lifestyle of these missionaries. 

Well sounds like everyone is holding down the fort at home and everyone is doing well...that´s what I like to hear:)  Tell all the pepole in the ward hello for me! I would love to hear from anyone who has the desire to write me!

Ok so for me and the life of a missionary...This week was literally insane. We didn´t have our best week number wise because we spent a lot of time practicing for a noche de talentos that we helped out with for one of the wards in our zone. Our feature number was a white/latino/samoan version of the Haka and then a cute little rendition of a music video by Shakira called the Waka Waka. (look it up on youtube and it will give you a quick idea of how foolish we looked in our shirts and ties doing this) haha. The point of the activity was to show the investigators/members that we´re more than lifeless gospel robots and that we also like to have fun. It was soooooo dang fun and super funny all the people absolutely loved it! I´ll send some pictures with the email today. 

Our investigators have fallen off of the face of the earth. One is working with a member in the ward and was so busy the whole week that we were unable to visit him at all and our other positive has been staying in the hospital all week with his dad. The boy who has been staying in the hospital, has a dad who is dying of prostate cancer and it has been so hard on him. It´s amazing, however, to see the faith that he demonstrates every time that he talks to us. Whenever we ask how his dad is he tells us "honestly really bad, but I know that he´s in the hands of God and now we´re just asking for a miracle. But I know that if he dies it´s what God wants and I´m willing to accept the will of God if that´s what it comes down to." It´s made me think a lot about how I would react if my dad or anyone else that I loved was in the same position. Would I be able to submit to the will of God and let them go or would I fight it the whole way. Something that has been impressed on my mind in the past few weeks is that we must be willing to search out what our Heavenly Father wants of us and then have the faith to act on that impression. A lot of times we ask, and ask,and ask for him to change things for us when maybe we need to ask what we´re supposed to be learning from the experiences that we are having. 

Another investigator named Katrina is doing well and almost progressing but has hit a road block. She has a friend who is a member of the church who lives in a city away from our zone and she said that this family always tells her kind of crazy things. Moral of the story is always be careful when you´re talking to people who are not of our faith to only speak "doctrine". A lot of times people use their own opinion and interpretation of the scriptures as "doctrine". It´s kind of funny and kind of bad and I´m sure that my brothers who have served missions know that at times in sacrament meeting we sit with our investigators praying that the speakers won´t preach too much false doctrine and confuse the people we´re teaching haha. But it´s always so awesome how strong the spirit is in the sacrament meeting and how even though the people leave confused in their heads they leave feeling something different in their hearts. 

Ah wow this week was too fast and it´s nuts to think that the next wednesday (the 30th) are changes already. After 3 changes here in my initial area that means more than likely I´ll be leaving. It´s been neat and tough at the same time to look back at all the people I´ve met and taught and really come to love so much. It´s almost like I´m leaving my house again (except this time Ï don´t have to leave my girlfriend of 2 years). I´ve honestly learned so much from the people here and have grown so much as a person. The thing most important that I´ve learned is that the gospel is for every type of person. Fat, skinny, tall, short, smart, not so smart, homeless, rich, black, white, brown etc. It doesn´t matter where you come from or who you are the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the lives of EVERY single person. I love it and am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the service of the Lord. I pray for all of you every single night and love you so much!! Have a great week ya hasta la proxima lunes!!

Elder Hawks

 Valle Anton

 The Zone

Elder Moreno and I at the noche de talentos

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