Friday, July 19, 2013

June 17, 2013


Jen and Kylan congratulations on having graduated from Stanford that is so amazing! Stephen you're a big time high school graduate which means that you now have more education than most of the people here in Colon haha bad joke I know.  Thats a lot of fun that you got to see what Colon is like in that t.v. show its pretty amazing to see how poor some of the people are and how content they are living in that state.  It makes me sad that they don't do anything to progress they just stay in their same old ways making ends meet when if they could get some education they could change their future.  

This week was another good one for us in Cativa.  We have a few investigators that we are getting ready for the 28th of June but the key is going to be that they come to church this coming sunday.  If not they will have to wait until July.  I feel like we are falling into the same routine right now so this week we are going to try and spice things up.  Changes are going to be next Wednesday and from what I understand I will be staying here in colon and my companion will have changes so we have to work hard this last week in order to make it a succesful end of the change.

The zone is struggling right now.  There are 3 companionships that dont get along all that well and what always happens is that if they dont get along their work rate goes into the ground.  Its unfortunate and a bummer when they dont get along because the cause is almost always pride and an unwillingness to find compromises.  The more I think about it the more I realize that companionships are like mini marriages (not like the ones in San Fransisco though).  When one of the two wants to dominate the relationship the other gets offended and it doesnt work.  When neither want to make decisions nothing gets done.  But if both can work in harmony and bring together their ideas and forms of doing things there is almost always success.  I think the more time I have in the mission the more I realize how blessed I have been with an ability to get along with almost anyone in almost any situation.  I dont know why its that way but im thankful that the Lord has blessed me with that ability.  

The mission has been an amazing experience and realizing that Im coming down to the last few months just motivates me to work harder and have as much success as possible before going home.  But its amazing how what motivates me now is really being able to help the people come to know Christ because I know that when we know who we are and what He has done for us is when we find the power within ourselves to change and become who he wants us to be.  

Thank you so much for all of your support and love getting your emails every week makes me feel so good and is a great support, comfort and motivation to keep working and making it through the times that arent so easy!  I love you all!

Elder Hawks

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