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June 24, 2013


Hey thanks a lot for the emails that you sent me it was great to hear from you and know that everything is going well.  I must say that was an amazing meeting about missionary work yesterday the only bummer is that it wasn´t very well announced so the members that needed to come to it didn´t even know that it was going on so now all of us missionaries know about it but none of the members do haha.  We´ll have to see if they show up on internet so that we can help all of the members see those amazing messages and get excited to start doing the work.  I think that´s a great idea that President Hunt is having the missionaries in our houses more teaching us.  Something that´s really important is to be know in your area and have all of the members know who you are and how dedicated you are to the work.  If you can accomplish that the references start coming in. 

Anyways on to the news about me...So changes weren´t supposed to come until wednesday but I got a surprise call from the assistents at 1 in the afternoon telling me that I had to pack up cause they were going to come and pick me up.  I got picked up last night to be companions with my trainer Elder Barrera and Elder Ah-Kiong.  Today I had an interview with President Ward and he asked me to be the new assistent to the president when President Carmack gets here and he asked me if I could stay until December.  I told him yes and am now in the office again but this time as assistent.  Being the week of changes I get to help with all of the stuff that goes on.  Contracting buses, making a video of all the changes, buying food, picking up the new missionaries and a bunch of other stuff.  In the last 48 hours I think I´m running on two hours of sleep haha it´s going to be an adventure.  Anyways things are going to change in my life.  My area is right in the middle of the city but we are in charge of all the missionaries in Panama.  I´ll have the opportunity of doing divisions with almost all of the missionaries in all of the zones in the mission, teaching in the zone leader meetings, doing trainings for the zones and all kinds of other things.  On top of that We´re going to have to help President Carmack learn all about the country, the mission and all the missionaries and all that good stuff.  It should be a really neat experience to get to work with him and learn from all of the things that he´s going to bring to the mission.  

Well yesterday was my last day in Colon with Elder Aguilar and to be completely honest I was a little bit sad to have to leave because he was one of my favorite companions and we had some really good things going on in our area.  Yesterday we had 8 investigators in church which was awesome.  3 of the 8 have fechas to be baptized and I feel good leaving knowing that I did a lot of good things in Cativá and was able to help people be baptized and to have also helped the zone.  I´m excited for the change and know that it´s going to bring a lot of new experiences and new responsibilities.  To be honest I don´t even know what to tell you all but in the next few weeks as things keep moving on I´ll tell you more about how it´s going to be.  Thank you so much for all of the love and support that you´re showing to me and for always making me feel loved and special.  My testimony of missionary work has grown so much in the last 19 months that I´ve been here in the mission.  I love the Lord and know that He loves each and every one of his sons and daughters in the world and that´s why he wants us to preach his gospel.  Thank you so much for the package that you sent mom it was here waiting for me when I got here in the office :)  You are the best!

Elder Hawks

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