Friday, July 19, 2013

May 20, 2013


So the changes affected our zone big time but our companionship no.  I´m staying with Elder Aguilar!  Can you believe it I´ve spent almost all of my time with Mexican companions maybe the Lord is trying to teach me something?  So in our zone all of the other 7 companionships had changes which is kind of weird because finally after the 6 weeks of last change we were all coming together and the unity of the zone was looking awesome and now we have to start over from nothing.  It´s fun to see changes though and the new missionaries always come in looking to make a new start, work harder, and be more successful. I love the challenges and opportunities the mission brings to grow and become better you always have to be adjusting and improving or else you get left in the dust.  

That´s some big time news on the house it´s amazing how you can go from nothing to sold in the space of one week.  Not going to lie I was praying that you would be able to sell it quickly so obviously the Lord heard me ;)  That´s exciting and change is almost always a good thing to bring us out of our box make new friends and adapt to new situations!  I can´t wait to come home and give my homecoming talk to a brand new ward:)  

Things here are going well for us.  We had five investigators at church yesterday and three of them were the gals that are going to get baptized on Saturday.  We finally were able to set up an hour and day when all the people they want there can make it so it should be a special day.  I think in the zone for the 25 we have about 12 more people getting baptized and if everything goes how it should every companionship in our zone will have baptized which is amazing and couldn´t make me happier!!  Being a zone leader has taught me that the people who you work with need to have success in order to be truly happy so my job is to do whatever it takes to make sure that they have success.  When they succeed they want to work more and when they work more they have more success.  It´s funny how it all works and the role that we have in helping them become what the Lord wants them to be.  

I love Colon and it´s been a lot of fun to serve here and get to learn new things about Panama and the mission.  We have our interviews with President Ward on Tuesday and I´ll be sure to ask him and sister Ward about when I´m coming home so that you can have a better time frame.  I love you all so much and am so grateful for your love and support!  I´m so happy for Courtney and Jason for bringing little Ruby into the world she looks adorable!!!  Mom my retainer broke and I don´t really know what to do...I think you have the mold of my teeth that you could run into Doctor Skanchy´s office to have a new one made that you could send to me but if that´s not possible I´m not quite sure what to do!  Let me know what you guys decide to do.  Thank you for writing me every week and always sharing ideas on how to improve.  I´ve noticed that sharing stories is always a powerful way to help people feel the spirit.  If you think about it the restoration of the gospel is a story about a young man who had a question.  Thanks for all that you do and we´ll talk to you next Monday:)

Elder Hawks

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