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August 19, 2013


First of all Stephen congratulations on your farewell I`m sure that you absolutely killed it and I hope that what I sent you was worthwhile and could help you out a little bit.  I`m so proud of you for choosing to go on a mission.  It will change your life, but only if you let it.  Thanks a bunch for the pictures everyone looks great.  Send me more!  I`m glad to hear that everyone is doing well and especially to know that Grandpa Hawks is recovering well from his knee surgery.  I sounds like things are really going well on the home front which makes me happy.  Knowing that my family, the most important people in my life are doing well is always a good thing!  

So this week went real quick but it was a great week.  We`ve been busy helping President do interviews but it`s nice because we don`t have to go with him all the time so it`s giving us more time to work in our own area and to do divisions with some of the elders in the mission.  We`ve also helped the sisters with a few specialized trainings that they`ve done which has been good as well.  Doing divisions is a lot of fun because we get the chance to go out with companionships that are maybe struggling a little bit and help them figure it out.  It`s a lot of fun to get out and work with the missionaries because that`s the best way to help them is to put yourself in their shoes, in their area, with their people and then help them find solutions to some of the difficulties that they have.  This week I went to an area in Colon called Nuevo Mejico and then did divisions in my old area in Tocumen called Cabuya.  Both days were awesome and I felt like I could help the Elders find new ideas of ways to work, teach and do all the things we do as missionaries.  My day in Cabuya was especially fun because I got to go back and see a lot of people that I had taught and worked with over a year ago and they all remembered me and my name (it`s almost impossible for people to say Hawks here) haha.  I loved it!

Having lots of new sisters in the mission has meant that they have to step into leadership roles and it`s been really neat to watch the sisters take it all in stride and then do wonderful things that we elders can`t do to help the sisters.  This week one of the companionships of sister leaders decided to do a specialized sister training meeting and asked us to help them out.  As I`ve gotten the chance to watch the sister missionaries do missionary work it`s obvious why the Lord wants more of them in the field.  They have so many special abilities and talents that we Elders just don`t quite have haha but it`s great because they help the work move forward.  

This week we have two new sisters on their way to the mission.  It`s kind of a pain because it`s in the middle of the transfer which means that we need two trainers and two new areas for sisters.  It`s amazing to be a part of this change because there are so many sisters coming to the mission.  In about a month at our next transfers we are receiving a grand total of 23 sisters and not a single one is going home.  That means that we have to open at least 12 new areas to sister missionaries and that is no easy task to ask.  It`s a lot of fun to be a part of the work right now and even though it`s a challenge getting started a year from now the fruits of having more missionaries will be significant.  

I love the mission and couldn`t be happier in any other place than what I am right now right here.  I know that this is the church of God and that nobody can take that knowledge away from me.  I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! 

Elder Hawks

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