Monday, September 9, 2013

July 23, 2013


Sorry for the lateness of my letter it´s been a crazy little while because we got sent out to San Blas by President Carmack and we just got back yesterday.  Thanks a ton for all of the letters that you sent me I´m glad to know that everything is going well with the family and that the move is officially out of stage one.  Sounds like the next move is going to be getting a new house and then making the other move!  I may be home to help out with that one we´ll have to see ;)  

So this week was good.  We´re starting to get things ready for changes which is kind of crazy because President Carmack still doesn´t know anyone in the mission so he´s relying a lot on us to help him know what to do and who to put people with.  It´s been nice to have Ah-Kiong and Barrera with me because they have both been assistants for at least 6 months and know everyone in the mission which helps us out a ton.  Then on Friday we flew out early to go to San Blas in order to see a few of the branches out there and no I didn´t go to the island of Sister Ericson so I wasn´t able to see her.  First we flew to an island to an island called Nargana and then Friday afternoon we took a two hour boat ride to an island called Playon Chiko.  Ah it is so beautiful there I could hardly believe it.  The beaches are full of white sand, blue crystal clear water and there are palm trees EVERYWHERE.  While we were there we got a chance to see a few of the branches and it really taught me a lot.  We had the chance to see a few islands, sleep in hammocks, walk around in sandals and do all kinds of other things.  It was quite the experience and I now understand a lot better why the elders that go there have to be tough, why they always come back smelling bad, hungry and craving a shower with running water haha.  Don´t worry I took a lot of pictures and will send you a few so that you can see how amazing it really is!

This week is going to be a good normal week I think so don´t worry you won´t have to wait for an email from your long lost son.  Everything is going really well with me and I feel good about everything that I´m doing and experiencing here.  The mission has changed my life the way I think, the person that I want to be, the things that are important to me and everything else I can think of.  I´m determined to make these last 5 months the best yet.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support for me it means the world.  I love you all so much and am sorry again for not having written it won´t happen again.  Have a great week and know that you´re all in my thoughts and prayers, especially Grandpa Hawks with his surgery.  


Elder Hawks

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