Friday, August 17, 2012

August 5, 2012

Dear Family,

Thanks for your emails.  Congratulations jayson and dad in your bike ride that´s so sweet and when I get home you better believe I´m going to want to get out and do a little of that after the mission!!  Wow here come the announcements of my friends getting married that´s honestly really weird I don´t know quite what to say but I´m happy for them and excited for them to be with their sweethearts.  Also I´m so happy to hear that spencer is doing well thanks for sending me his email he sounds great and I know that he is going to be an excellent missionary, if you could find out his email or mission address and send it to me that would be fabulous!  Ok for the shoes I need probably around 80 dollars because I need to buy something that´s going to last me for a while thanks so much, I feel bad asking for things...A huge favor...the next time you send a package I need some new medium tall garments of the dri lux material.  I´m not quite the latin size so here in the temple they don´t have what I need...Haha thanks!

The honest truth is that this week was long and involved losing ten pounds.  The long story short is that everything that entered my body was coming right back out whether through one end or the other.  Needless to say it was not very fun but what can we do:)  It turns out that on tuesday we ate a fried rice that a lady in our ward had bought and it wasn´t quite done...So it gave my companion and I a nice little trip and for the past week either he or I had to be in the bathroom at one point or another.  Unfortunately it restricted us from doing the work that we normally do but oh well life marches on and we still have people progressing.  

You can pretty much call me the wedding planner because we are in the process of helping three couples get married and once they are married the women are all going to be baptized.  It´s wonderful because all of the men are members that maybe just didn´t make the best decisions and so have been unactive and due to their state of living have been unable to participate in their priesthood responsibilities so once they are married and put their lives in order we are also bringing back three melchezidek priesthood holders as well.  I´m pretty much pro at doing this marriage thing so we´ll see what happens when I get home;)  Haha

I don´t really have any big time wild super cool stories only that being sick in the mission is not fun because you feel miserable in your body and also for the people that you could be teaching or contacting but can´t because of your sickness.  One thing that I do know is that the Lord answers prayers and helps us through our trials whether they´re big or small.  I also know that the spirit prompts us to do things even when we don´t know it and we have to always follow through with the subtle messages that he sends us all day every day.  

I love you all and know that being here in the mission is the best thing I can be doing now in my life and that it´s the best two years "FOR" my life.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will look forwarding to hearing from you next week:)

Elder Hawks

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