Friday, August 17, 2012

August 12, 2012

Hello Family,
Wow to start off this week absolutely flew by I can honestly hardly believe that it´s already monday again!!  Dad I loved your email and it would be a fun idea to do some talent shows and stuff like that to get the family involved.  Sometimes we have to push people out of the box and force them to have fun if that makes any sense.  I´ll be excited to be there the summer of 2014:)  Sounds like as the summer comes to an end and real life kicks back in everyone will fall back into the routine of life.   The honest truth is that I haven´t gotten the other package that you sent me but this wednesday the assistants are coming to our district meeting so it could come then!
Ok well this week was 100 times better and we didn´t have to spend any time in the bathroom which made me a happy boy.  Haha we are still in the process of marrying these three couples and we hope that they will be married and baptized by august 26th but we´re going to have to see if all the paperwork goes through.  I pray that it will but as you know things concerning the goverment tend to take a good amount of time to go through!  Yesterday in the chapel was tough and only one of our investigators could come to church but what can you do sometimes things just fall through. 
Other than marrying the whole world we found a new couple that we are now teaching this week.  We went to a part of our area that we´ve never contacted and started knocking doors.  One of the first doors we knocked was of a young girl named cesilia.  She´s 19 years old and married and really opened up to us in the first visit.  In the course of us teaching she stopped us and told us a story about how she had been pregnant at 16 but had aborted the baby without really knowing better.  She was holding back tears as she told us how her little baby would be three years old now and that she just has felt so bad and wants to feel forgiveness.  It´s hard because Preach my Gospel teaches us that when someone describes a sin like that we can´t promise blessings because the mission president has to come and do the interview and approve the baptism himself.  We wrapped up and that night (Thursday) I called president and explained to him the situation.  He told me to go ahead and teach her as a normal person and that he will come and do the interview when the time comes!  On Saturday we went again to her house and explained the atonement and how when we repent we can be forgiven and made clean and the smile would not leave here face.  They accepted baptism and now we just have to keep visiting them and help them get to church!! 
The mission is wonderful and it has been an amazing experience.  I know that it´s going to keep being amazing and that I´m only going to learn more and become the person that my Father in Heaven wants and needs me to be!
I love you all!
Elder Hawks

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