Friday, August 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,
Hello I´m glad to hear that all of you are doing well and that my home state isn´t burned down to the ground yet!  Spencer I hope you have the best time in the MTC always remember to look for the best in every single situation that you find yourself in.  No matter what happens the Lord has a plan and sometimes it´s a lesson that he needs us to learn to become stronger and better.  I love you buddy and am praying for you and your success.  "Winning isn´t´s everything" Vine Lombardi.  The team of the Lord is where we need to be and the beauty is that there isn´t one doubt that it´s the team that will win!
Ok wow so the changes this week affected me in a big way.  My comp is out of here and there is a new one.  I´m training Elder Hinojosa from Mexico.  He got here last week and is in love with Panamá.  It´s awesome 3 out of my 4 companions have been Meixicans so maybe the Lord is trying to send me a message about that country or those people?  Haha it´s awesome he has 1 year and a half in the churh and is so exited to be a missionary.  The change has been pretty dang drastic but it´s been so much fun! 
We have gotten our little bums to work and since thursday we have found 19 new investigators.  Yeah welcome to the mission.  I put this kid to work and we contacted like crazy and freak it´s been a little while so I have had to brush the dust off my contacting skills.  It was awesome and yesterday the people really wanted to talk to us.  Yesterday alone we had 13 lessons and every single one was from contacts.  Something that is awesome about training is that the new Elder has all kinds of guts to get to work and to be honest I do too so it has been a wonderful mix for the both of us.  He is doing awesome and loves everything he is so excited to work and to help the people which is such a hange from my old comp who didn´t want to do or love anyone or anything here in the mission. 
Ok fun little story because I don´t have a ton of time,  yesterday was The Day of the Children and so we woke up to Disney music blasting all throught the neighborhood.  (of course it was Spanish Disney music)  So that got me off to a good start.  In the afternoon they shut down the main road where we live and had a huge parade pass through!  We got Tshirts and hats I was pretty stoked.  In the night they had a pretty sweet firework show right next to the house.  At our dinner appointment the member where we were eating told me Happy fourth of July with a big smile and it made me happy to see some fireworks! 
I´m doing so well and the work is going to take off here in this area I can just feel it.  I´m sorry to be short today but I don´t have a ton of time beause today isn´t our PDay technically.  Tomorrow we are going to the temple and so today the zone is writing because we have to always report numbers on Monday.  I´m happy, healthy and looking forward to getting some big time work done.  I love you so much and will get back to you next week:)
Elder Hawks

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