Friday, August 17, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hello it sounds like you are all so happy and doing wonderful.  Mom and Dad I really hope you have enough energy to tend this two year old miss Eloise.  Make sure to take pictures at the family Reunion and send them to me I would love to see them.  Eden was really beautiful when we went last summer it was fun to be in the mountains enjoying the scenery and cooler weather during that time of the year. 
Ok so this week was excellent as well we really got our bums to work again.  My companion is from Mexico and as I said in the last email only has a year and a half as a member.  He came to know the gospel because he really was like Joseph Smith looking for the truth and testing out all of the churches.  He said that he was at a friends house when the missionaries knocked on the door and the minute they explained the restoration he knew it was true.  He was what we call a golden contact.  haha It´s amazing how much he has learned in a year and a half because he knows his stuff.  It´s funny because sometimes if he isn't sure on a point of doctrine he looks over at me to reaffirm himself.  Haha being with him has been a complete turn around from having to teach 95 percent of the lesson on my own to him wanting to teach 95 percent!  We've been working really well together and are improving every day.  Ok so to be training is fun because in the mornings we have our hour of personal study and then two hours of comp study.  We are using a program called "The first 12 weeks"  it helps us to focus on the points of the doctrine.  For example this last week we were studying the restoration of the gospel and how to teach it so the whole week we practiced teaching under new circumstances.  I feel like yes I´m training and helping him but that he´s also training me and helping me to find the passion that I had for missionary work before my last companion.  It´s been soooo refreshing to have someone excited about doing missionary work!
The noche de grupo has been a big hit and every week we are pulling out about 20 or 25 people which is great because the average assistance in this ward is about 40-50.  We are using it to help the less active members come out, have some fun and remember the feelings that they had when they joined the church.  I am 100% open to any kind of ideas that you guys have because we are running low of ideas ourselves!
The two kids, Josue and Hyrum are going to be baptized this Sunday and I´m really excited for them.  We committed their parents to come to the chapel the two weeks before but unfortunately yesterday they were both sick so only the kids came with the grandparents.  They are fun and really seem to like coming to the church and have the support of their grandparents 100%.  Pray that the parents, especially the father Mario can get on his horse and come back to church.  His story is actually really sad because when he was 19 he was going to go on a mission but decided to stay home and get married to his girlfriend.  Long story short they ended up being sealed and then divorced within 3 years and ever since that time he´s been inactive.  I´m so thankful for the support that I always had from everyone around me to come on my mission because I know it´s the right thing to do and the place that I need to be right now.
I love you all and am so thankful for all that you do for me.  I´m super grateful for your support and love in everything that I do.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and we will talk next Monday!!
Elder Hawks

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