Wednesday, October 3, 2012

August 19, 2012

First of all I´m happy my memory card made it to Kenzie and found it´s way to the house.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures!  It sounds like this tree cutting was a pretty big deal and when I get home I may not recognize the house!!  I´m glad everyone is doing well and hanging in there without me;)  Mom it´s always fun to receive little treats so if there´s something cool in San Fran send it my way!!  Thanks also for  putting money in my account I bought new shoes already and am enjoying that they don´t have gapin holes in the front!!  haha ps mom I got your package this week on Tuesday and thank you so much for the books they are fabulous!  on thursday we used one of the games from the black book for the noche de grupo and it was a huge hit thank you thank thank you a million times!  Jason Hawks a shout out for having found missionary pal!!
To be honest there´s not a ton to report because my comp was sick again this week and so me being the nice trainer that I am gave him some time to rest because he´s come to Panamá in a time of lots of sickness!  It was pretty normal and we´re still in the process of having the couples married.  It looks like one couple is going to be married the end of this month and then the woman will be baptized a week afterwards.  One of the other couples is in trouble because the wife is having her baby today which makes all of the examines she did this week invalid...But we´re excited for her to add number 6 to their family and will hope to have them married by the end of September!
The new missionaries are in Panamá today so Rachel Ericson has already landed, arrived and is doing all the fun stuff the new ones do with president in their first few days.  I don´t think I have changes so unfortunately I won´t be able to see her for a while probably.  I will most likely be staying in my same area with my same companion and we´re going to have to keep working on finding new investigators and getting these couples married.  The truth is I don´t have a ton to say but would love if mom could send me a few recipes of cookies, cakes, etc so that I can make them with the members!!
I love you all and am so thankful for your love and support!  You are all so amazing and I love you all to death!
Elder Hawks

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