Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 10, 2012

Dear Family,
Happy Monday....Today is a rainy dreary day in Panama but I cant take the smile off my face.  This week Hector and Priscilla got married and they couldn't have been happier.  The significance of this even is that Hector can once again receive the blessings of the priesthood that he holds and that she will be baptize this next Sunday.  One year from now they will have the goal to be in the temple of the Lord here in Panama being sealed for time and eternity.  Cool huh?
Ah its always so good to hear from all of you and to know that everything is going well in the homeland.  I'm honestly so stoked that Utah State beat Utah...This Saturday Ill be cheering for the Cougars to do the same!!  Finally Stephen and Michael let me know they´re alive.  Speaking of those two I sent them both letters a few weeks ago and so they should have gotten there by now and it would be awesome for them to write me back!  Mom it would probably be better to mail me the emails from my friends because I don´t have a ton of time on the computer and it gets expensive to be printing off 10 pages of emails!  Thanks so much!  It would probably be nice to have some vitamins because rice and chicken only offers so much...haha.  I honestly am doing well on everything else  and am just happy as can be:)
More good news is that Angela, one of the investigators that we´re teaching, had her baby this Thursday and everything went so well.  Last night after church we went to their house to congratulate them and when I saw her I hardly recognized who she was!!  They are so happy and she really wants to be baptized so the new goal with them is that they have to get their bums married.  It was really neat because Mario came to church with all of his kids while his wife was in the hospital and during priesthood meeting he leaned over to me and said Yo quiero sellarme en el templo con mi familia, que tengo que hacer.  When he said that it was so neat and I just told him you have to get married, Angela has to be baptized and you have to wait a year.  He looked at me with so much sincerity and determination and asked me what he has to do to get married so now we got to get to work with them in the marriage process.  It was honestly a wonderful week and so much fun to watch the Lord and his hand in the missionary work here.  The ward here is being blessed and I pray that the members will recognize it and get into helping us just a tich more by giving us a referral or two.
I love you all and am so thankful for you and all the support that you offer me!  I promise that I´m doing my best to help the people here come unto their savior.  I love it here and every day ends with me tired and sweaty but happy.
Until next week,
Elder Hawks

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