Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 17, 2012

Dear Family,
Thank you for your emails everyone and what a bummer about the Cougars...I´ll be honest during our service project on Saturday morning I was thinking about them and hoping they could beat those Utes but it´s ok hopefully in the near future our cougars will stop playing like house cats against the Utes.  I´m excited for Stephen to get started on this missionary class that was such a fun memory with my friends and to realize right now that almost all of my friends who went are now on missions is excellent and so satisfying.  I remember Kylan, Jason and Michael being some of my favorites just because they´re family and really know their stuff.  One thing that would be good to do would be to leave the boys with a commitment in between.  For example a reading assignment in the book of mormon, an activity from Preach my Gospel or something like that.  It´s important that they develop their own testimonies and aren´t leaning on the testimonies of others when they get into the field. 
Ah this week was so satisfying.  Priscilla was baptized yesterday at 330 here in the time zone of Panamá.  It was so neat to watch her make the covenant of baptism yesterday and even more neat to hear her testimony afterwards.  She talked about how she has been investigating the church for two years practically and the first time she committed to be baptized two years ago she really wasn´t ready.  It was neat because she told everyone how happy she was to have been baptized but that she realizes that it´s just the beginning.  She said she wants to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity with her husband and that she wants us there with her one year from now.  It almost made me cry !haha. 
The honest truth is that this week we focused almost exclusively on her and getting her baptized.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures!

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