Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1, 2012

Dear Family,

Hello everybody and thank you very much for your love and support.  I especially appreciate the email from Brother Duffin about helping the ward members become involved in the missionary work. It was wonderful and is going to help us out a lot!  Dad thanks as well for your suggestion.  That´s a great idea and would be more of a pressure free approach to get to know the friends and families of the members!  Thanks mom and dad for the emails and it sounds like everyone is doing really well!  The honest truth is that I don´t need anything and it´s hard to know what to ask for...ties are always nice because I use them every single day and garments because I´m running a touch low on those.  Thank you for everything and honestly you don´t need to send me anything!!  This week comes home an Elder Biesinger and I´m going to send home my memory card with him with all of the pictures and videos from my three changes here in Cabuya.  I have another memory card and will get to work on filling it up!

Well my time here in Cabuya is up because I got the call that I have changes.  I won´t know where I´m going until Wednesday in the morning and then they ship us out on Wednesday afternoon.  It´s been a good experience to be here and learn so many new things.  The honest truth is that I don´t want to go because I love the members here so much and to leave them I almost feel like I´m leaving my family.  But it´s part of the mission and at the same time I´m excited for a new companion, new start, and new place to work for the Lord.  It´s neat to know that no matter where we are going we will be doing the same work and that there are people prepared waiting for us.  

I´m going to be leaving 2 super positive investigators that just need to be married and then they will be baptized.  The difficult part is that we still don´t have the family support of one of the couples so my companion is going to have to work to gain more and more the confidence of them.   The other couple Mario and Angela are doing great and are so excited to get married they just need to do their examins and then are good to go because of the contact we have here that helps us with the marriages.  

I´m going to keep this email short because there isn't a whole lot to tell you but this weekend my buddy from the mission should be stopping by to drop off a few things. Make sure to save my pictures. I love you all and am so thankful for your support and love, I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I´ll talk to you next week!

Elder Hawks

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