Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 24, 2012

Dear Family,
Thanks a lot for the sports updates and the news about the Brigham City temple that´s really so exciting to know that there is a new temple in Utah.  The people always ask me how many there are in Utah and sadly I don´t would be fun to know so that I can tell the people an exact number.  Sounds like things are going well in the homeland and the world is marching a long.  That´s so fun that Whitney is going to have a baby and that Cline had his first kiss.  Ah I love those fools so much and it´s always so fun to hear these little stories. 
Well for the update from me this be totally honest there´s not a ton to report.  After our baptism we find ourselves in a position of finding new investigators who are excited to work with us and find out more of the gospel.  We have a really good Mission Leader in this ward that is good about working with us and he hates it when we contact because he wants us to be working to get more references from the members.  It´s been interesting to try and work hand in hand with the members but in the sense of squeezing references out of them.  The honest truth is that it has been hard.  The members here are either lazy or shy because they have a hard time sharing the gospel with their neighbors and family members.  I totally understand though because I never talked about the church with my nonmember friends either.  I would love some suggestions on how we can excite the members to get involved a little bit more in the work here. 
The investigators that we have and are working with stay the same.  Angela had her baby and it was a c section and they took out her parts all at once.  Yeah she´s been out of commission for a little while...It´s been neat to watch the ward get involved with her because since she had her baby the relief society has gone to visit her, the bishop went and yesterday we did a visit with the elders quorum president.  I love it when the members take initiative and do their part and it´s been so good for her to feel loved and like she´s important.  The only detail with her is that she has to get married.  They´re working on it but with the birth and everything we've had to take a step back and wait but I´m sure that in the first of October her and Mario will be married and she will be baptized. 
As for me personally I´m doing really well.  Changes are coming on October 3rd and considering that this has been my third change I´m almost sure that I´m going to be leaving.  I've learned a lot here and am thankful for the experiences that I've had  and the truth it´s going to be hard to leave there are so many people here that I love so much but that´s just how the mission is I´m sure.  I love you all and am so thankful for your love and support.  How is Korban doing and also if you could get me Spencer´s email address that would be super awesome!!
Elder Hawks

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