Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 3, 2012


Hello everyone and happy Labor day! Today unfortunately isn´t technically our pday because tomorrow we are going to the temple and so we are just getting out of our district meeting. I´m happy to hear that everyone is doing well and that you are all enjoying a day free from the monotony of the work schedule that we live day to day.

Sounds like you guys had fun and that Kenzie got to meet Elder Tholen. Haha classic he´s a funny guy and that makes me laugh that his English wasn´t too good. I´ve been noticing that my English isn´t the best either and I still have a ways to go and for it to get worse. This week in the life of Elder Hawks was nice. The highlights have to be that we had interviews with President Ward this week. It was good to talk to him and curiously enough I was the only gringo that got the interview in Spanish...I don´t really know why but it was funny two gringos in the same room speaking spanish. He congratulated me on the success that we´ve seen and commended the work that we are doing due to the fact that the area had been killed before we arrived. Sister Ward told me that I will be coming home on Thanksgiving day of next year which was weird to think that they already have all of that stuff planned haha I wasn´t even thinking about that.

Our next highlight is that one of the couples we are marrying has the date set and are going to tie the knot tomorrow at 2 o´clock. They were gracious and invited us to come so I will send you pictures of that next week:) I´m so thankful that they made the choice and that it´s finally going to happen!!!!! Priscila, the wife, put her own baptismal date and is going to be baptized the 16th of August! I´m so dang excited it´s crazy.

Next, we received a reference this week from a lady that lives in the city. She is a Kuna who referred us to her sister here in the area. The sister is already a member but her friend who lives there isn´t. We taught her the importance of baptism friday she accepted the baptismal date of the 23 of august and then came to church on Sunday! She is excited and obviously so are we. Funny story is that she is 17 and from San Blas, she came and is already married...Yeah tell that one to Stephen that I met a girl younger than him that is already married...crazy huh?!

Third, we have run into a complication with Johnny and Carolina, another couple we are marrying. The issue is that johnny is 16 (also younger than stephen) and Carolina is 19. She is pregnant and they want to get married so that there son grows up in a functional family but the parents of Carolina aren´t being supportive. It was a hard blow because I really love them so much and they know that marriage is how they are going to repent and put their lives back in order. This Sunday we fasted for them and I have faith that we are going to see a a miracle with thelm and even if they don´t get baptized in this change while JI´m here I´m sure it will happen soon.

Angela didn´t have her baby because she still only has 8 months and so they decided not to go ahead with the operation. She is doing well and they are making strides to be married but they just lack the money necessary right now. Pray for them that the business of Mario, the husband, will pick up and they will come up with the means to provide for the examins that they have to have done.

I´m busy here which makes me happy. I know right now that the Lord trusts me with his souls and as a result we are seeing success. I love it here and am finding that I come to love these people here in Panamá. They are so special to me and I want the best for them! I love you all and can´t wait to hear from you again next week!!

Elder Hawks

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