Monday, April 29, 2013

April 15, 2013

Thanks a ton for all of the emails now that I´m out of the office I don´t really have time to write everyone back but I´ll do my best to answer everything in a general email.  Things are going really well right now and it´s been a lot of fun to lose the stress of the office but on the other hand it´s been tough to take on the stress of being in charge of a zone.  It´s been a lot of fun and it give you the chance to work with all the missionaries in the zone and learn from them. 
Thanks for accepting Noris as your friend she´s an awesome lady and takes really good care of us.  I´m impressed with dad´s ability to understand and translate Spanish still and Stephen better whip out his old spanish books and practice!!  Haha everything here is going really well so I couldn´t be happier.  Dad your spot on with the name of Colon and to be honest it´s city number 2 but doesn´t even compare.  It´s small, dirty and full of bad bad people.  It´s the most dangerous city in the mission and in the center they never send north american missionaries because they would get robbed...When the americans invaded panama about 20 years ago while noriega was in charge things were really ugly in colon because the people tried to fight back and it didn´t go well for them...
The work is moving forward.  It´s different to leave the house at 11 because it´s a time of the day when not many people are home.  We´re doing our best to use that time to visit less active members and to teach the people that we know we can see at that time.  Our most productive hours are from 5 to 8 because most of the families have gotten home and it´s easier to find them all in the same place at the same time.  We´re working with a list of less active members in order to activate and complete families.  The Bishop isn´t the happiest with the missionaries that have been here lately because they´ve strengthened the primary a lot for the last few months and he wants us to be teaching families.
The weather here is great and has dropped maybe a degree or two as the rainy season has started but it´s twice as humid so it actually feels hotter ;)  I love the tropical weather it´s the greatest!  Today on our way to our pday activity we ran into a swiss couple and a girl from hawaii that were going to the same place as us and so I got the chance to talk to them.  The couple from Switzerland were DYING of heat it was so funny and reminded me of when I got here over a year and a half ago and how I felt like I was sophocating!  It´s crazy how fast the time passes and how much you learn and grow in that short amount of time. 
Mom with the shoes I think you´re right.  To put some money in my account would be awesome for new shoes and I´ll just buy a pair here to last me to the end of my mission.  Thanks so much for all you do and for all of your prayers and support in my behalf it means the world and I promise I´m working hard to make all of you and my Father in Heaven proud.  Have a great week and I´ll talk to you next monday!:)
Elder Hawks
Elder Aguilar is in the red shirt on my side and the other Elder is Elder Perez from Gautemala!  This beach was on an island called "isla grande"  it was awesome and ps happened today whose jealous? ;)

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