Monday, April 29, 2013

March 18, 2013

Dearest family and friends,

Thanks for the emails this week it was great to hear from everyone and I loved all of the pictures from the zoo those little girls are just so dang cute I can`t even handle it sometimes.  I`m amazed at how much they`ve changed during the time that I`ve been here and can`t hardly believe how much more they`re going to change before I get home!  Mom you had a few questions and since I have more time on the computer I`m going to take time to answer all of them.  First of all we don`t have a maid we have to clean the house on our own which means that it doesn`t get cleaned all too often.  We do clean the bathrooms about once a week but everything else waits a little longer. Our house is an apartment on the third level and as a result our mosquito, mouse, and bug problem is literally non-existent.  In my whole 6 months here I literally haven`t seen one single mouse in our house it`s great!  Food is tough because being here in the office we don`t have anyone in the ward that cooks us lunch or anything like that so we end up eating out just about every day and on the days we don`t eat out we cook something simple in the office like Mac and Cheese, grilled cheese, eggs, or anything else quick and easy like that.  As a result I think I`ve gained around 15 pounds while I`ve been here in the office and I think it all shows in my round, chubby face!  
This week we saw incredible progress in a few of our investigators.  A few weeks ago when I was on divisions my companion and one of our ZL`s were in our area and they found a family(Familia Herrera the mother, 3 daughters ages 13, 11, 10 and a son 2) of pure gold.  In the first lesson they challenged them to be baptized on the 30th of March and we have kept teaching them since.  On Saturday a member of our ward invited them over to have a noche de hogar in their house and they showed up and loved it!!  Sunday morning they got up late because a huge fight broke out at a house next to theirs and the police came and had to break up the fights and so they didn`t end up sleeping much.  They came late to church though and loved it to death.  The 12 year old girl went to young women`s and was invited to go to a campout that they`re going to do on the 28th of March.  It was amazing and the ward did a great job just pullilng them under their arm and helping them feel welcome in the ward!  They are still planning on being baptized the 30th of march and if everything goes according to plan we could have 8 baptisms in our ward that day!  4 from us and then 4 from the other missionaries in the ward so keep praying everyone that it will work out!

I feel like everything is falling into place right now for me to have a wonderful exit from the office with some baptisms.  That would be the absolute best way for me to possibly leave and I know that it would be sweet to leave and go get out to work after helping out this area and ward so much!  I love the mission and the work that we`re able to do blesses so many lives and blesses us more than we could ever describe it`s the best :)

This week should be another good one and then before we know it I`m going to be out of the office and back to the life of a normal missionary.  I`m super excited but nervous that it`s going to be a little bit of a tough transition but I know that I can do it and that I`ll give it my best out in the field until I get home:)  Things with me are going really well, I`m safe, healthy, and happy so what more could I really ask for right?  I love you all so much and hope that you are doing well and that everyone is happy healthy and moving along!  Make sure to give scott a big bro hug and someone should fart in his face for me I think that would be a good present;)  Haha 

I love you all!

Elder Andrew Hawks

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