Monday, April 29, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hello family,

Sorry for not writing last week to say that we were busy would probably be an understatement.  Monday night last week I didn`t get to bed until 3 in the morning because we were spending so much time finishing up everything for our changes.  Changes were last Tuesday and along with that came 24 new missionaries with the majority being hermanas.  It was a fun time and I got a new companion during this meeting.  His name is Elder Smith and I`m going to be training him to be the new general secretary which means that I`ll be leaving the office on the 2nd of April.  It`s kind of exciting but at the same time looking back on my time in the office it`s been amazing and I`ve learned so much!!

This week with Elder Smith was cool.  He`s from Highland Utah and went to American Fork High school.  He`s a year younger than me and he graduated in 2012 and then just left right on his mission in the summer.  He`s been out for 8 months and was actually Elder Cottrell`s companion in the MTC as a result we`re all getting along really well and weren`t doing a whole lot of sleeping until about 12 or 1 these past few days.  It`s so cool cause we all get along really well and he has so much excitement to be a missionary which makes me happy cause now that I don`t have to do the things in the office I`m just itching to get out and go to work!  He`s been a champ and we`re working really really hard.  

We also changed to the other area within the ward and it`s been a nice change because now all of the members live in my area.  We`ve made a big commitment to work with them as much as possible in an effort to work with more referrals and do a little bit less contacting and more teaching.  It`s gone well so far and it`s been fun to try and get them involved.  It`s really neat to find the members in the ward who are willing to work with us and then use them to bring other people into the church.  It`s always interesting to see how within every single ward there are at least 2 or 3 members who are really interested in helping us a lot of times we just have to find them and then ask for their help.  

Since we`re whitewashing the new area we`ve had to do a lot of contacting as well which is a lot of fun.  You never know what kind of people you`re going to run into and you never know what they`re going to say.  When you go contacting is when you have the most crazy stories to share and you never know what you`re going to get to deal with!  So far it`s been pretty chill but some of the contacts that we made on Thursday accepted baptismal fechas so we`ll be working on getting them ready for the 30th of March.  It`s been good to have a new companion and move to the other area it brings a lot of excitement to the work and helps keep you motivated and doing what you need to do!  

I couldn`t be happier about the new mission president.  We figured out it was him due to a few clues from Pres. Ward and then our own research and we`re excited it`s crazy to  be a part of such a wonderful work.  He seems like a good guy but I have a feeling he`s going to be a 100 percent change from what we`ve had for the past little while with Pres. Ward.  He`s been pretty layed back and his main talent has been getting us fired up to work hard.  I have a feeling that this new mission President is going to be a bit more serious and bring the mission more of a spiritual boost.  It will be fun to see how things go but unfortunately I won`t be in the office when he gets here so I won`t have the chance to get to work with him right off the bat.  I would imagine that most of the mission doesn`t know he`s going to be our new president and that less know about the 58 missions that have been opened.  It`s fun to be in the office for that exact reason, we get a little bit of a head start on a lot of information;)

I`m doing really well and can`t complain about anything.  The work moves forward and being a part of it is just a pleasure.  Thank you so much for the package, it got here on Friday and was just perfect I was just about to throw a few nasty shirts away and these three will get put right to use and the vans are perfect they fit like a champ and just make me happy I`ve missed my vans.  You`re the best mom:)

I hope that you all have a wonderful week and I can`t wait to hear back from you next week!

Elder Andrew Hawks

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