Monday, April 29, 2013

March 11, 2013


What`s up everyone?  Thanks for the emails and all the love it`s so great to hear from everyone on Monday`s I love it so so much:)  

This week was good and the highlight was that yesterday we had our  baptism.  I think I already told you guys about Arturo and how his wife is a member of the church and he spent the 5 years they were married telling her that he would never be Mormon but suddenly had a change of heart and decided to be baptized.  It was so cool to see him take this step in his life and know that he`s doing the right thing.  He`s becoming the person that the Lord wants him to be.  During his testimony he talked about how through the past little while he`s come to know that his family and the other non-material things are what`s really important and that he loves the focus of the church on families.  I know that he`s going to be a great addition to the ward here and I wouldn`t be surprised if he was working with the young men in the next little while!!

This week also brought about good things in the field.  It`s great to watch Elder Smith pick up on his responsibilities here in the office and get faster at doing them.  The more he knows and quicker he can learn all that he needs to do the better we`ll be at getting ourselves out of the office on time.  I`ve loved my time here in the office and looking back the biggest lesson that I`ve learned is time management and how having a plan before doing things makes them go much more smoothly and is always good to help you accomplish everything you need to accomplish.  Due to our smooth time management this week it allowed us to have at least 5 hours in our area every single day and it was glorious!  It`s cool to see how much you can get done in that amount of time.

We have a few investigators with fechas for the 30th of March and a few especially are looking pretty positive.  As with all other panamanians the only tough part is getting them to come to church for some reason they are the laziest people when it comes to making a 9 o`clock sacrament meeting.  This week one of our goals is to take members to meet all of them so that on Sunday morning the members can go and pick them up Sunday morning to help them get to church.  I would love for the support and prayers in behalf of our investigators so they can get baptized on the 30th, their names are...

and unfortunately I don`t know the other little girls name she`s only 11 and it was impossible to understand her name haha.  Things here are going really well with me attached to this email I`m going to put up a picture of the baptism yesterday!

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week:)

Elder Hawks

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