Monday, April 29, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hello family!

Mom thank you for the emails and congratulations on putting the house up for sale that`s crazy news.  I don`t even know what to think I`m going to come home to a new house, new ward, new neighborhood but it`s like they say change is a good thing!  Just don`t make it like the RM and have me walk into "my" house and see some chinese guy haha.  Congrats stephen on turning the big 18 that`s crazy and all of a sudden this whole mission thing is looking more and more real!  Thanks a ton for all of the support and love it`s amazing and has helped me so much to stay animated and working hard.  For the money for some new shoes it doesn`t matter just let me know how much and when it`s in so I can get going again!

Things with me are going well right now and the work keeps marching forward.  Our zone is kind of at a low point right now and it looks like we`re going to have a slow month of April but it`s just what happens sometimes so we`ll have to get things going in order to make May a great month.  Our area is being weird right now and it`s tough to get people progressing.  As of right now our pool of investigators is about 20 people but nobody attends church.  This week I think we`re going to half to cut down to the most positive inv. and then start focusing on them and then looking for news.  It`s tough to come into a new area and start from nothing but I know that things are going to keep moving forward.  

I feel like there`s not a ton to report this week because things just kind of are moving slow.  Haha on sunday we had stake conference and it really was a great spiritual meeting.  One of the first speakers talked about love in the home and how important it is for us to cultivate and them demonstrate love within the walls of our home because outside of our homes we`re not going to receive that same kind of love and support.  As the man spoke I couldn`t stop thinking about how much love and faith are related.  When we love someone or something we have faith that it`s going to work, that the word of that person is valuable and vice versa.  It really made me realize that it`s impossible for us to love someone if we don`t have faith in them and it`s impossible to have faith in someone that you don`t love.  

Today we went to the temple and it was so great.  It`s a huge blessing to be able to go into the temple and step out of the world.  As we do so we can just feel the spirit of the Lord and know that he loves each and every one of us and every single time you go to the temple you can find answers to your questions and inspiration for the things that are causing you trouble.  I love it so much and will be sure to make a habit out of temple attendance when I`m home and close to one at all times!

I love you all so much and hope that you have a wonderful week.  I love you!

Elder Hawks

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