Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello All,

We spent a wonderful week in Panama with Andrew and were able to visit some tourist sites, meet with the wonderful members who took care of him and attend the Panama Temple with all the returning missionaries.  IT WAS ALL AWESOME!  Andrew and Rob then flew to Mexico City where they are staying with Andrew's first missionary companion and are attending the sealing of a family that was baptized at the beginning of his mission.  They are scheduled to arrive home tomorrow night at about 9:00 pm BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!  Andrew will report in the Lone Hollow Ward on December 29th at 9:00 am.

We are very grateful for the experiences he has had, the friends he has made, the lessons he has learned and his testimony that has been strengthened and shared with others.  Thanks to all of you for your love, support and prayers.  We hope to see you over the holidays.

Merry Christmas,


We had an uneventful trip to Toluca where we met the Barrera and Dascon (the couple getting sealed) families and had a real Mexican taco dinner.  Andrew and I both ate til we were sick.  We both decided that it is the tortillas that really make the difference.

Today, after church, we made a trip to the pyramids at Teotihuacan.  It was an amazing experience.  We hired a Mexican guide ($42 split three ways :) and listened to the tour in Spanish. 
The Barreras have really taken us in and made us feel a part of their family.  We even had Choco Crispies (Mexican name) for breakfast.

                          Barrera family with Andrew.  Elder (Jacob) Barrera is the one with the glasses.

Andrew with the Dascon family.  The wife (her head is right behind Andrew) couldn't stop hugging and kissing him on the top of the head.  Very awesome reception.

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