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October 7, 2013


Thanks a bunch for the emails and pictures that I got from Kylan!  Happy late birthday to Jason yesterday and it´s good to know that he´s still alive even though he´s getting so old these days ;)  Thanks again for the love it´s good to hear from all of you and know that you´re doing well!

This week the big time highlight was conference.  My favorite session was definitely the Sunday morning session and my number one favorite talk was Richard G. Scott.  I loved it because it gave me a clear idea of what to do when I get home to make sure that I can keep doing what the Lord wants me to do.  Conference is always amazing because it helps us to put into perspective where we are spiritually and then evaluate what we can do to improve and keep progressing.   For these sessions we were all over the place in our own chapel, Brisas del Golf (the chapel in my first area) and President and Sister Carmack invited us over to their house on Sunday to eat roast beef and mashed potatoes for lunch and then watch the last session of Sunday in their house.  It made me just a little bit trunky not going to lie.  haha I loved it and the most important thing is that our investigators made it and they felt the spirit.  We are teaching one lady, Alina from Cuba, who has had a past with the law of chastity and not really understood why the church has the strict rule that it does but after hearing Elder Oaks she started to cry and said that she finally understood why it´s so important to God.  I love conference and the fact that it´s one of the ways that God talks to us and answers our prayers.

On this last wednesday we had our leadership council in the mission and it was successful in the sense that we got down to what´s going on and why our number of baptisms is going down.  Something that Elder Ochoa taught is that the number of baptisms in the mission is the responsibilty of the assistents so if the numbers are down they´re the ones that need to get things to change.  What´s happening is that right now we are lacking strong leaders with initiative to make changes and help their zones move forward.  What is happening is that instead of looking for solutions to their own problems and difficulties they automatically look for the easy way out and call us for answers.  Something that the best leaders do is that instead of seeing problems they find solutions.  It´s been a big time learning experience to have the opportunity of serving all of the missionaries.  

This week that´s coming we´re going to start doing special zone training meetings in all of the 11 zones in the mission which will give us a good chance to help all of these new sisters and elders learn how to teach and help their investigators progress towards baptism.  It will be fun to get out and travel and then also do divisions with lots of the missionaries in the next few weeks and I know that if we do it right we can bless the missions of a lot of people.  

I love you all and am so thankful for all that you do for me.  Mom if you´re thinking about sending me a package for my birthday I think it would be better to just send me money in my account so that you don´t have to worry about it.  Also I´m thinking it would be cool to buy a new suit before coming home so I don´t know what you think about that but it´s something that would be sweet.  Thank you again for everything I always loving hearing from the fam on Monday´s.  Have a great week and until next Monday!

Elder Hawks (the one in Panama)  

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