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September 30, 2013


Thanks for your emails it´s always fun to hear from you and weird to think that in a few weeks I´ll be sending those emails to Stephen in his mission.  What the?  Haha anyways it´s good to hear that everything is going well and I knew it was just a matter of time that the police would be after Ty!  Mom I`ll make sure to get in touch with the family this week and finalize dates so that you guys can come and pick me up.  Everyone that`s going home in December has their release date as the 12th of December but it`s flexible.  If they already have plans to come and pick her up earlier or later it will work out just fine.  

The big news this week is that Amparo was baptized.  To answer your questions mom she is about your age and is here from colombia helping out her daughter by taking care of her kids while she works.  When she got here to Panama she wasn´t a big fan of the church because of what she had read online.  Her daughter finally convinced her to come to church and ever since things just started going better, she felt the spirit and has gotten to the point where she decided to be baptized.  I`ve been amazed at seeing how powerful of an experience it is to take investigators to the temple because they always feel the spirit and almost always end up getting baptized.  She was so excited and felt so good after her baptism that she just decided to stay and watch the relief society general meeting it was awesome!  

On a little bit of a tough note yesterday it rained really really hard and a few members from my old ward in Panama Viejo called us asking for help cleaning out their flooded houses.  At one point the water inside their house got almost up to my knees.  The funnest part is that the water was pretty brown from all of the fun surprises that were in it haha my companion and I the Zone Leaders and the four from the office spent the whole afternoon yesterday helping members and a few of their neighbors clean out their houses!  It was a lot of fun by the end to be honest and we were able to help them out a lot which felt really good.  I`ll send you a few pictures!

Overall things are going really well here.  The mission as a whole is in a strange moment of change and adjustment to all of the things that are happening in the mission.  Bringing in a lot of sisters has made a huge impact on our mission as we now have more sisters than Elders and about 70% of the sisters have 6 months or less in the mission.  This change has meant a lot of areas where elders were working were closed and then reopened to sisters and it`s slowed down our monthly number of baptisms.  This month we finished with only 73 baptisms in the whole mission which is a low low number for the second month in a row.  I think that as things keep moving forward and we settle into a little bit more of a groove with the areas and who`s going to be where it`s going to help that number go up.  

Mom to answer your question for my birthday don`t worry about sending any type of package if you could just put some money into my account that would be the best.  Honestly I`m doing really well right now and am happy to have the chance to finish out my mission in the best way possible.  I love you guys and am so thankful for all of the love and support that I feel from all of you!  Have a great week and until next monday!

Elder Hawks (Panama)

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