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October 28, 2013


Thanks for the emails and the pictures of the new house it looks my new room is coming along nicely ;)  Haha it`s good to know that in just a few short months the house will be done and we`ll be making the move in.  Not going to lie not super excited about being involved in that part but it will be fun right?  

Well anyways happy halloween this week I would love some pictures next monday of everyone decked out in their best halloween gear especially the little girls.  Mom thank you for the package it made it here, for some reason or another was opened and I`m enjoying my new socks this very moment.  Thanks I love you sorry for being impatient...Everything is looking good for me and I`m excited to start my last transfer.  This week is another crazy one with the new missionaries coming and all the work that has to go into the changes but the good thing is that this is the last time I have to do all of this stuff!  My companion and I had a good week but the only bummer is that Kevin, the 17 year old kid we`re teaching, couldn`t get baptized this weekend because his mom wouldn`t give him permission.  We`re going to work more with him this week but also with her so that she can feel sure about the decision her son wants to make.  

Our ward celebrated it`s last sacrament meeting yesterday in the chapel because they`re going to tear the building down and build a huge 2 story building in the next 2 years.  So our chapel will officially be a bunch of rubble in the next few weeks and we`ll be attending the chapel in Cardenas (right next to the temple) for the next few months.  It`s going to be a great opportunity to be close to the temple every sunday and when we have investigators it will be neat to walk out from the meetings and then take them over to the temple and show them around right away!  

Well I love the mission and am happy where I`m at and am feeling good about finishing my mission in the best way possible.  I got thinking that this week I could have been coming home but I feel good about deciding to finish out my mission and take advantage of the amazing once in a lifetime opportunity that it is.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week.  Until next monday!:)

Elder Hawks

A fun fact from Sister Carmack:  Panama is one of the first missions in the church to have more sister missionaries than elders!

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