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November 24, 2013


Thanks a lot for the emails it´s wonderful to hear from you all even after 2 years.  Thank you to everyone who has been writing me it means the world.  

This week was great we did our capacitacion in Chiriqui and everything went really well.  The zones out there are working really well and it was a pleasure to work with the leaders there.  In our mission we have a lot of sisters and so what has happened in our mission is that certain sisters have been assigned to be "sister leaders" and they do basically everything that the District Leaders can´t:  Divisions, comp study, and all of that good stuff.  It´s been an interesting experience to work with them and in these capacitaciones I´m working with them.  What we´re doing to train them is teaching  but more than anything having a conversation to help them understand that their main focus with the sisters has to be to help them baptize.  It´s funny because companionships that baptize are happy, they get along, they´re obedient and everything goes well but a lot of times when they don´t see results for their work they lose their focus, get frustrated, fight and the things go down hill a little bit.  The sisters in this mission are great and they work really really hard in every aspect.  I´ve gained a lot of respect for them.

This week that´s coming will be a great one because Jovani is going to be baptized on Sunday.  He was a reference that we receieved almost two weeks ago and he´s super super excited to be baptized.  He´s about 50 years old and has been a very successful businessman here in Panama.  He´s dating a girl name Shantel from Utah and she´s going to be coming down here in January to marry him and then a year from now they´ll be getting sealed so it sounds like I´m going to have to save my pennies to maybe make the trip a year from now.  He´s a wonderful man and has a very impressive ability to understand the doctrine and why it´s important in his life quickly.  I love getting to teach him and it´s going to be amazing to finish the mission with a baptism.  

I´m really looking forward to seeing mom and dad in a few weeks here and the rest of you as well.  I can´t wait for them to meet all of the people that I´ve worked with and the people that mean so much in my life.  I love you all and hope that you have a great week.  

Elder Hawks

Tell Grandpa Hawks to get better soon and that I´ll be praying for him while he recovers and then once I´m home I´ll be down there to visit him!

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