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November 4, 2013


Sorry for writing a little bit late I was really busy partying the whole day away ;)  Haha no just teasing.  Thanks for the emails and the news about Halloween.  Latin America still hasn`t caught onto the idea that Halloween can be a lot of fun and really cool, as we say here in Panama "ellos están en panga!" Halloween isn`t really a big deal at all here but it`s ok I`ll get over it!  This week was crazy as we had our changes week and brought in two more companions.  Changes went pretty smoothly as it didn`t require staying up too late too many nights!  On Thursday we had to get up early to be to the airport at 5 in the morning to see off the missionaries and hermanas heading home.  It`s crazy to think that`s going to be me in 5 weeks.  Don`t worry I`m not counting but it`s kind of impossible not to have that in the back of your head at this point haha.  

Well today was my birthday, thanks a ton from everyone with all of the birthday wishes and emails I felt really popular today ;)  It was a good day and started nice and early.  At 4 this morning we had to run some missionaries to the airport so that they could go to San Blas, right after at 5 we headed to take President to the airport in Tocumen so that he could make it to his meetings in Guatemala, and then we went to sleep for a little bit, my comps made me breakfast and then we headed out!  Today is a holiday here in Panama and I don`t know if you all remember but they do parades and march around in the street just about all the day so we left to come and check it out, then we headed off to Tocumen to have lunch with a lady from my old ward there.  It was sweet cause her husband drew a cartoon version of me and put it in a frame.  I`ll send you a picture of it so that you can see me cartoon style haha.  After hanging around there and eating a TON of food we headed off to visit some of Elder Escelantes converts there close in Tocumen.  It was fun and they gave us even more food haha we were bursting.  Then we went to visit a lady from my first area in Brisas del Golf because she had bought me a cake!  So we got there and ate even more!!  I don`t know what it is about birthday`s but the whole world just wants to feed you!!  It was a fun day though and it felt good to be with people that I love and that have made an impact on my life.  

This last change of my mission I`m going to have 3 companions which is going to be a lot of fun!  I`m staying with Elder Laurino but we`re adding Elder Duron and Elder Escelante.

Elder Duron:  He`s from Honduras and has 13 months in the mission.  He`s awesome, speaks perfect English and is a ton of fun to be around.  It`s fun to be with him because he`s young in the mission and has a lot of new ideas for us to be able to work with all of the new Elders and Sisters.

Elder Escalante:  He`s from Colombia and has 18 months in the mission.  He`s absolutely awesome and from Colombia that`s about all that you need to know because Colombians are the coolest, friendliest, nicest people in the world.  

It`s great to be in the mission and have the chance to finish my mission strong.  I love you all and can`t wait to hear back from you next week!

Elder Hawks

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