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September 23, 2013

Mom and Dad,

Thanks for your emails with all the love support and good news!  I`m glad everyone is doing well and I love hearing from all of you.  

Things here are going really well and we made it out of our changes week and all of the missionaries are sleeping on beds so I feel good about that.  It`s been a long week with a lot of late nights but it`s been worth it to help out the missionaries.  Happy missionaries are missionaries that work harder and in turn baptize more so we work hard to make sure the missionaries are happy!  Changes was smooth and we welcomed 22 new sisters into the mission and the poor elder that came was feeling a little lonely surrounded by so many sisters.  It feels good to have finished our visit with Ochoa and done changes all in the same week and having things gone well.  "Work to be a little better today than what you were yesterday"  Elder Ochoa (I really liked that quote)

Things with me and my comp are going really well.  I absolutely love working with him because we have a lot of things in common but at the same time we have enough different talents that we`re able to balance each other out really well.  Teaching with him is super super fun!!  

Next Saturday our work is going to pay off and we`re going to have a baptism.  Her name is Amparo and she`s the lady that we took to the temple last Sunday night.  She`s rock solid committed to being baptized and it`s amazing to see how excited she is to make this decision that is going to change her life.  It`s fun to work with her because she wants to change and wants to repent.  Something that we learned from Elder Ochoa is to be more direct with people.  Doing that is tough sometimes because it requires telling them straight up that what they`re doing isn`t ok in the eyes of the Lord and that they need to change but always in a loving helpful way.  I`ve seen that by helping them understand that what they`re doing isn`t ok helps them to understand that they need to make changes in their lives.  

I sometimes wish I could start my mission over with all the things that I know now but I understand that would be against the point.  It`s fun to think about the missionary that I was almost two years ago and realize how much the Lord has changed me and tried to make me an instrument in His hands.  I love missionary work and want to be a part of it the rest of my life!  I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!  

Elder Hawks (the one in Panama)

P.S.  Mom could you send me the recipe for your homemade brownies I want to make them for some recent converts here!  LOVE YOU!

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