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September 16, 2013


Thanks a ton for your emails it`s always good to hear what`s going on at the homefront.  I hope that everyone is doing well and that life just keeps on moving forward.  I feel like it must be kind of weird to not have any kids at home and to have two in different countries!  It`s fun being a missionary mom right?:)  In terms of familia tascon (the ones from colombia who are in Mexico) they are actually out of town right now so they haven`t been able to answer their phone or email and so I`m still not sure as to any kind of date.  I think they get back this week and I`ll get a hold of them and let you guys know!

Well to be honest life is pretty stressful for us right now because we just finished our mission tour with Elder Ochoa and now we have changes this Wednesday.  Tomorrow there are 22 new missionaries coming and only 4 went home se we`ve ended up having to open a total of 9 new areas.  When it comes down to the logistics that`s 18 new beds, 18 new mattresses, dressers, tables, chairs and everything else that a missionary will need in order to live.  It`s going to mean a lot of work from our end in the next few days...Anyways. 

The meetings that we had with Elder Ochoa were very neat.  It always amazes me how long these guys can speak and how strongly you can feel the spirit from the things that they teach.  We learned a lot about our mission and a few things that we need to change.  One of the main thing that`s happening in our mission is that we spend too much time working with people that arent`t going to progress and actually end up wasting time with them that we could be using to find the "escogidos".  As a mission we need to have the love to tell someone that we`re going to stop teaching them because they don`t want to repent and join the church and spend our time looking for and working with those who are ready to repent and be baptized today.  It was something that made me think a lot and it`s so true I`ve done just that a lot of my mission is spend too much time working with someone who wasn`t going to progress and losing time that I could have spent looking for new people to teach.  

This is going to sound corny and maybe clichè but one of the things I`ve spent a lot of my time studying and trying to learn about during my mission is love.  That kind of love that God and Jesus Christ have for us.  The kind that leads us to act and do whatever is necessary for our brothers and sisters.  During this conference I learned that having love for God and our fellow men means that we`re willing and excited to do anything in our power to help others repent and come unto Jesus Christ.  To me that`s true love because it`s doing whatever is in our power to help people be saved and to make their way back to live with God.  We never need to be afraid because true love overcomes any fear that we could possibly feel.  I had a few other special experiences while Elder Ochoa came but it`s enough to say that I know that he was sent by God to help our mission and to help me personally.

Another of his teachings was simple but true.  "Try a little harder to be a little better every day".  He talked about how we much constantly be working on being more obiedient, working a little bit harder, teaching a little more effectively and being better people every day.  It`s a simple formula but if we live to it we`ll never stop progressing and eventually we`ll become who the Lord wants us to be.  I`m so thankful for the mission and for all of the experiences that I`ve been able to have because of it.  I feel like I`m the same person but then I take a step back and know that the Lord has changed me quite a bit in this past little while haha.  

This is Christ`s church and I`m so blessed to be in His service!  I love you all and am so thankful for your support I pray for you all every day.  

Elder Hawks

P.S.  The picture is of us and the Zone Leaders who live in our house and some investigators that are planning on getting baptized on the 28th of this month!

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